How To Naturally Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Effectively And Safely


How to naturally get rid of stretch marks is a highly sought after question as nearly 70% women and 40% men get affected by stretch marks, at least once in their lifetime. The marks appear on various parts of the body such as, belly, under-arms, breast, thighs, hips and buttocks. Generally, pregnant women, obese people, body builders and others that gain unnecessary weight have a propensity to develop stretch marks as their skin fibers become weak thus, causing the stretch mark. Later, noticeable marks begin to emerge as reddish or dark brown raised lines or streaks. There are many dermatological methods to reduce or remove the appearance of stretch marks; however there are more than a few natural methods that works effectively and safely.

How To Naturally Get Rid Of Stretch Marks


Exfoliating the skin regularly facilitates in removing the dead skin to expose the new smooth skin underneath. In addition, exfoliating can improve the circulation of blood, which works to promote the healing process of the skin. One should use a loofah or soft body brush to exfoliate the skin and apply moisturizer while the skin is wet to treat stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter has numerous skin benefiting agents. It includes powerful antioxidant properties that can restore the skin’s damaged collagen and elastin fibers. When applied, cocoa butter penetrates deep into the skin layers and starts repairing the damaged tissues. However, cocoa butter must be applied every alternate day, for better results.

Aloe Vera Gel:

The Aloe vera plant is laden with essential minerals, enzymes, vitamins and a very unique plant collagen that can enter into the deepest layers of the skin to nourish and repair the damage. Pregnant women can immensely benefit by applying aloe vera gel all through their pregnancy period to prevent formation of stretch marks.


Rubbing a slice of lime or lemon on the affected region helps to fade the stretch marks. Lemons include bleaching agents. The citric acid which is a natural alpha-hydroxy acid helps to reveal new unmarked skin and prevents buildup of dead skin. Moreover, lemons contain vitamin C which boosts collagen production for improved skin elasticity.

How To Naturally Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Through Diet:

Drinking lots of water and hydrating the skin helps to retain it elasticity and aids it to stretch without leaving any marks. Water also assists in flushing the skin of any toxins, and transports nutrients to the skin cells. Studies have suggested a co-relation between healthy skin and antioxidants therefore, eating foods high in antioxidant properties can help in maintaining the texture of the skin. Also, vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E are vital for preserving skin health hence; it should be a part of one’s daily nutrient intake. Vitamin C also encourages production of collagen in the body, which is responsible for enhancing the elasticity of the skin.

How To Naturally Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Massage And Exercise:

Massage improves blood circulation and supports growth of new skin tissues in the affected region, which aids to eliminate stretch marks. Massaging with vitamin E gel or wheat germ oil can be more helpful since it keeps the skin well-moisturized. One can obtain optimum results if they massage the region 3-4 times every day. Additionally, exercising on a regular basis can tone up the skin and make it firmer which helps to thwart stretch mark occurrences. Stretching and loosening of the skin leads to stretch marks, hence toned skin prevents stretch marks.

Overall, each natural treatment method for stretch marks can effectively remove or considerably diminish the scars however; using one of the treatment techniques soon after they appear can be the most effectual solution to get rid of these stretch marks. Furthermore, with the proper knowledge about how to naturally get rid of stretch marks; it won’t be long before all the stretch marks get healed completely.


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