Get Rid of Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are track-like tissues in the skin, resulting from any sudden expansion of an area of the body. They are the result of pregnancy, and the rapid expansion of a pregnant woman’s mid-section, but they also occur when body-builders quickly add muscle mass, or even when a person rapidly gains weight.

For almost anyone who has them, the quest to get rid of stretch marks is a common goal. Particularly for a new young mother who still hopes to wear a two-piece swimsuit some day, the disturbing presence of unsightly tracks across her skin can cause no small amount of distress.

Stretch Marks Recede With Time


In all honesty, the most effective recipe to get rid of stretch marks in some cases is to let them fade on their own. The formation of a stretch mark occurs when the dermis, or skin, is pushed past its limit and tears, causing micro-bleeding at the site of the tears. It is this bleeding within the tissue that can cause the reddish and purplish color, distinctive to many stretch marks.

It is worth noting that the presence of a stretch mark poses no health hazard or physical problem. They can be safely left alone by anyone who is unconcerned enough about the skin’s appearance to ignore them. This might be particularly advisable in cases like that of a new mother who intends to undergo additional pregnancies.

 If any efforts are going to be made to get rid of stretch marks, she might as well wait until after she is done creating them. Left to themselves, the stretch marks will significantly fade over the course of a few years, and may need no additional treatment at all.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast With Lasers

For many people, however, waiting is understandably not the remedy of choice. A new mother may wish to return to her bikinis when she hits the beach, or a body-builder may wish not to have his muscles marred by stretch marks when he puts himself on display. For people in a hurry to remove stretch marks, there are happily other alternatives to waiting for them to heal on their own. The fastest of these alternatives to get rid of stretch marks are laser treatments and surgical options. Neither of these approaches is inexpensive, but each has been proven to be an effective treatment for stretch marks in many cases.

The laser alternative is most effective to get rid of stretch marks that are relatively newly formed and still reddish in appearance. A vascular laser, also known as the pulsed dye variety, can be set at a specific frequency to reduce the red appearance of a new stretch mark. Over the course of several successive treatments, the stretch marks can be diminished almost to invisibility.

  The effectiveness is most likely to be observed in people with lighter skin tones, with a greater contrast between the coloration of the stretch mark and the normal skin tone. When the stretch mark is older and has already faded from reddish coloration to silver, this technique is far less useful.

However, another laser procedure exists that can often get rid of stretch marks that are older and already faded. To address the textural marks that are left behind after some stretch marks fade in color, laser resurfacing can often smooth the skin’s surface and virtually erase the visible marks.

The process often involves two or three consecutive laser treatments, each of which can cost in the ballpark of one thousand dollars. Because most insurance companies don’t cover this kind of work (considering it merely “cosmetic” and therefore unnecessary) you will probably have to have the money ready yourself.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast With Surgery


Many people deal with pregnancy stretch marks and stretch marks from weight gain by having entire sections of skin surgically removed. Known colloquially as a “tummy tuck,” this type of surgical procedure actually removes excess skin from the affected area, pulling the remaining skin tighter and ideally healing without visible scarring.

The greatest challenge for most people considering this solution is the cost, which can run anywhere from four thousand to twenty thousand dollars, depending on the specifics of an individual case. It is by far the most effective way to entirely get rid of stretch marks, but it is also extremely costly and comes with some risks.

Because the abdominoplasty (its official name) requires full use of general anesthetic, there is a small risk of side effects and complications. There is also a fairly lengthy recovery time, as long as half a year in some cases. Having said this, however, it is certainly an effective way to completely eliminate stretch-marked in skin.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks With Topical Ointments


Topical, or on-the-skin, application of various substances is by far the most common way for most people to rid themselves of their stretch marks. It doesn’t cost a great deal, tends to be highly effective, and entails absolutely no risks. It will take longer than the “instantaneous” solutions offered by laser or surgery, but it is easily accomplished by anyone who chooses to go this route.

Common topical ointments for stretch marks often contain essential oils, which can contain herbal healing properties as well as moisturizing the skin. Commonly used essential oils for stretch marks include myrrh, helichryum, geranium, frankincense, rose, and lavender.  The medicinal properties of these herbs can give your skin a good healing boost, while the oil itself moisturizes the skin and assists your body’s natural repair mechanisms.

Moisturizers and creams are also sold over the counter in most pharmacies, and provide good results for many people. Look for an ointment or cream that contains Vitamin E or zinc, both of which substances are aids to the body’s immune system and repair process. Using a cream like this will help you get rid of stretch marks and get on with enjoying your life!



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