How to prevent stretch marks with easy to follow tips

Apothederm Skin Care CreamStretch marks, though generally associated with pregnancy, can be a result of various other factors. Stretch marks are just the result of stretching of the skin beyond its normal elasticity limit in a short span of time. They are characterized by parallel red streaks appearing throughout the skin. This is a very common skin condition that affects both men and women. It usually occur when the deeper layers of the skin tears because of sudden change in the physique of the body owing to muscle building, weight gain or pregnancy. Due to this the skin starts tearing and the result is stretch marks and scars.

The skin’s outer layer remains as it is, but due to the torn dermis layer unsightly marks are created on the surface of the skin. These stretch marks are seen in various parts of the body like thighs, abdomen, buttocks, breast and hips. Now that you know what stretch marks are, you perhaps would also want to know how to prevent stretch marks. Below are given few simple tips that will help prevent the appearance of these ugly marks on your beautiful skin.

Stay hydrated

Now that you want to know how to prevent stretch marks, one of the best ways to do so is to keep your skin healthy. This might seem a little confusing and vague, but actually it is very simple. If you do not want to invite those unsightly stretch marks and wish to keep your skin healthy, there are some simple tips and rules you need to strictly follow.

You need to drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. This amount might need to be increased depending on your size, how active you stay and the amount of caffeine you consume every day and so on. Make sure you drink this amount consistently through the day. You should not drink these 64 ounces of water all at once, as this will not prove helpful in the later part of the day. The excess water will eventually be removed from your body. So, you need to keep drinking little by little through the day.

If you keep on drinking water consistently it will help your skin retain its elasticity. If your skin stays elastic enough, even if it stretches it will easily go back to its original state without tearing. Moreover, drinking enough water helps you stay in weight since it helps control hunger and helps in proper digestion.

Eat healthier

This might be sounding so obvious, but still there are very few who follow it. You should eat food that is good for your skin. Whenever you plan to eat something read the labels of the food to check if it contains enough zinc, Vitamin A, B, C and E.

Make sure you eat in moderation. Eating healthy is not enough, and you need to make sure you do not eat too much. To avoid excessive stretching of your skin you have to maintain a proper consistency.

If you are pregnant make sure you try and stay within the suggested healthy weight gain limits which are about 25-35 pounds. This obviously depends on the stage of pregnancy you are in and on the size of your baby. If you end up gaining more weight than is the recommended limit, try to get back to this weight. As your child grows it will become even more difficult, but try not to end up overeating. Though you are pregnant you still do not need to eat too differently than you used to when you were not. Eat what you want to, but in moderation. Eat only till you no longer feel hungry. Your body tells you when and when not you are hungry. If you have any queries you can talk to your doctor.

Importance of Vitamin A, B, C and E for your skin

Vitamin A – Vitamin A helps in maintaining and repairing skin tissues, so you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in Vitamin A.

Vitamin B – Biotin, the most important Vitamin B helps in repair, formation and growth of skin cells. So, you should have fruits rich in biotin including bananas, rice and eggs. Yet another kind of Vitamin B, niacin helps the skin in retaining its moisture, so your diet should include the same. To get your share of niacin you can eat fish, beefs, and nuts and so on.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C aids in formation of collagen and helps develop and maintain healthy skin. Food rich in Vitamin C includes sweet potatoes, oranges, peppers and broccoli.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E moves deep into the skin and helps in maintaining firmness and elasticity of the skin. Foods rich in Vitamin E include fruits like avocado, mangoes, blueberries and papaya, green leafy vegetables, nuts and vegetable oils.


Exercises keep you healthy and get your body rid of toxins. If your body is healthy your skin will also stay healthy and supple. However, if you will be performing weight lifting exercise you need to be careful as building muscle too fast can lead to stretch marks.

Do not scratch

Never scratch on those areas where you possibly can get stretch marks. It includes your hips, stomach area, inner thigh, and chest and arm pit area. If you still feel like itching you can apply some oil or cream on that area, but do not itch. You can ask your doctor about which cream or oil would be the best for your skin. If you massage your skin with these cream or oil it will prevent stretching or pulling of the middle and outer layer of your skin, and together with it will promote blood circulation and growth of new skin.

Use a stretch mark cream

On the areas where stretch marks are likely to develop massage properly using a stretch mark ointment or cream more than once a day. This is particularly important for the pregnant women as most women experience at least some kind of pregnancy related stretch marks. Some ointments and creams contain ingredients which help improve your skin’s condition. It, moreover, helps reduces the chance of you suffering from stretch marks in future. There are many brands offering stretch mark cream, so make sure you get the best for yourself. You can search the internet for the best stretch mark cream or may even consult your doctor for the same.

Now that you know how to prevent stretch marks, start following these tips right away, and your skin will always stay beautiful, supple and without any ugly marks.


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