Is There A Different Stretch Mark Cream For African Americans?


stretch mark creamDarker skin contains more melatonin than lighter skin.

This increased pigment helps protect skin against damaging rays from the sun.

In this way, it can be big advantage because it can keep skin from aging as quickly.

How Are Scars Different On Light vs. Dark Skin?

However, more pigment might also mean that dark skin is more prone to scarring than lighter skin.

This can be true for people who have dark skin because their ancestors came from Africa, South Asia, or even for native Americans. Some types of scars, like pale stretch marks, might look more pronounced on darker skin as well.

When lighter skin women get stretch marks, they tend to be more obvious at first when they are red and inflamed. After they fade, they may not be very visible against white skin.

It is the opposite with dark skinned women. Darker patches might not be very obvious at first, but they may become more pronounced later when they fade.

Stretch Mark Treatments That Dark Skinned People Should Be Careful Of

Creams that contain Retin-A are very popular with lighter skinned people of European descent. However, there is an increased risk of hyper-pigmentation when using these creams.

They are best avoided by darker skinned people like African Americans. It is also true that darker skinned people need to only use laser therapy with caution, and under the guidance of an experienced medical professional who understands the differences between darker and lighter skin.

Darker skinned people might also find that there skin tends to be dry. While many stretch mark creams work as well on African American women as they do on white women, it might be better to find a cream that also supplies plenty of hydration.

Some of these creams contain a lot of great moisturizing ingredients. This means they can actually help skin look and feel better at the same time.

Shea Butter Is A Good Moisturizer And More

stretch mark creamShea butter is a popular moisturizing ingredient, and you can find stretch mark creams that contain this ingredient.

Many African American people will be interested to learn that this is not really a butter, but rather the fat of a nut that comes from an African tree.

In fact, in its pure form, this butter is actually edible and used in cooking near the regions where the trees naturally grow.

Sometimes the U.S. chocolate industry even uses it as a replacement for other types of oils.

In the West, shea butter is mostly used by the cosmetics industry. Individual components of this substance have been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory, emollient and humectant properties.

It is also a mild, but effective sun block. Contract that to products that contain Retin-A that actually warn users against going out into the sun too soon after use.

Natural Essential Oils

There are other oils that are useful for fading different types of scars. Creams that are rich in elastin and collagen might be useful too. Skin naturally contains elastin and collagen.

As people age, production tends to diminish. This is one reason why skin tends to get wrinkled as people age. Even a young woman might not have enough of these essential substances to protect her skin against stretch marks after a pregnancy.

Of course, none of these products will hurt a woman who has lighter skin either. Shea butter, collagen, and elastin are natural ingredients that should reduce the appearance of stretch marks on blondes and brunettes.

They may just be the most effective type of stretch mark cream for African Americans. This is mostly because many dark skinned women will be warned to avoid Retin-A or laser treatments because of the risk of hyper pigmentation.

In any case, if stretch marks are a big problem, you might find a doctor or dermatologist who is very familiar with people who have skin like yours.

An over the counter product might be affordable, safe, and effective. In other cases, it might be best to seek medical solutions.

It might take a few weeks to see any results. You cannot expect to rub on a cream and see an improvement in a day or two. This is true of prescription or over-the-counter creams.


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