How to Remove Stretch Marks Safely

Anyone can get stretch marks, and once you have them, it can be difficult to hide them or minimize their appearance. These scars, most commonly found on our thighs, hips, butts, abdomens, and breasts, can be embarrassing reminders of recent weight gain, growth spurts, or pregnancy. Learn how to remove stretch marks so you can get back your self confidence and stop worrying about keeping the scars covered.

Stretch marks are formed when your body grows or expands too rapidly for the skin’s growth to keep pace. This results in the tearing of the skin as it contracts and expands. These tears are the stretch marks, which can vary in color, shape and size. The scarring is usually irregular in shape and size, almost like jagged slashes, and most stretch marks are recessed, meaning they are not raised above the skin but rather sunken below the skin’s surface. Once you know how to remove stretch marks, you’ll also know how to prevent stretch marks for healthy, smooth skin.

How to remove stretch marks with topical products

There are many products available that can be used when you learn how to remove stretch marks.

Vitamins: Vitamin B helps promote strong, healthy skin, and Vitamin C taken three times a day may increase collagen production during the early stages of stretch marks. Vitamin E in oil form can be used as a way in how to remove stretch marks by applying the oil to the scars. This can be done several times a day, and is safe for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Cocoa butter: Safe and effective, the majority of people who know how to remove stretch marks choose cocoa butter as it can be used to eliminate any type of scarring. The moisturizing lotion smooths skin and reduces discoloration of new stretch marks. This product is safe to use while pregnant or nursing.

Retinoids: These chemical compounds stimulate elastic and collagen production when stretch marks are first forming. You can get retinoids over the counter or by prescription to see how to remove stretch marks. Supplement with glycolic acid for a more effective outcome. Retinoids are not safe to use while pregnant or nursing.

Glycolic acid: You can pair glycolic acid with retinoids for better results if you want to know how to remove stretch marks. However, glycolic acid can be taken by itself. The alpha hydroxy acid is known to boost the production of collagen. High doses can be given by your dermatologist, and several treatments may be needed for desired results. Glycolic acid is safe to use while pregnant or nursing.

How to remove stretch marks with your doctor’s help

If you aren’t pregnant or nursing, talk to you doctor about how to remove stretch marks with retinoids and high doses of glycolic acid. These products, especially when used together, can have noticeable results. Although retinoids are available in stores, prescription-strength dosages can be obtained from you doctor. The same is true for glycolic acid.

If vitamins and topical treatments aren’t providing the results you want, ask your doctor how to remove stretch marks with laser treatments. Lasers are often used to eliminate severe scarring from accidents and severe acne among other causes. The laser treatments are usually designed to help your body produce new collagen to take the place of the damaged skin, tissue, or irregularly-shaped collagen. Vascular lasers focus on the surrounding blood vessels to reduce the purple or red discoloration that is typical with scarring, while fractionated lasers focus areas of the skin in a tiny grid pattern to smooth the harsh scar lines. Both treatments generally require more than one visit. Your doctor can help you decide the most effective treatment in how to remove stretch marks.

How to remove stretch marks with prevention

For some people, preventing stretch marks may be easier than finding out how to remove stretch marks after they have formed. While scarring in the form of stretch marks is natural, and can affect anyone, there are ways to prevent or limit the severity of the marks.

Growth spurts are the times in our lives when our bodies grow very quickly, usually occurring in children and teenagers. These spurts can cause any number of stretch marks, at any level of severity, depending on how much the skin must stretch to accommodate the growth. Talk to your child’s doctor about how to remove stretch marks safely, and whether there are ways to help minimize the appearance of the marks. Children are going to grow, but it’s better for them to grow up and not out. Know how to remove stretch marks by monitoring your child’s diet. Too much of the wrong types of food can not only cause embarrassing stretch marks but also set the stage for health-related problems throughout childhood and adulthood.

A healthy diet is key when trying to find out how to remove stretch marks. Not only will eating the right foods, in smaller portions, help prevent stretch marks, but it will also keep existing stretch marks from getting worse. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins B and C, and keep your skin moisturized so that when growth does occur, your skin is more resilient. Overly dry skin can be a side effect of a more serious health problem, often from an overactive, underactive, or stressed pituitary gland. Talk to a doctor about how to remove stretch marks if you have severe or consistent dry skin for options from the type of soap and moisturizers used to adding certain foods or supplements to your diet.

Preventing stretch marks from forming during pregnancy may be impossible. But by using the right kind of moisturizers, taking Vitamin C supplements, and controlling your diet, it is possible to limit your weight gain and keep your skin healthy so that when it does stretch, you’ll experience less tearing in the skin. Once you know how to remove stretch marks, including preventing stretch marks, you have the power to change your body and control the situation.



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