11 Methods For Treatment of Stretch Marks

MedermaStretching of the skin usually leads to the formation of annoying intractable scars commonly known as stretch marks. This mostly happens during pregnancy and puberty due to weight increase. Genetics may also contribute to the development of stretch marks. The appearance of stretch marks varies from one person to another depending on the skin color. Stretch marks may be brown, reddish brown, pink, dark brown or silvery. Though you may never completely get rid of these marks, there are various treatment for stretch marks that can be used to greatly improve their appearance. Here are some of the methods that can be used as treatment for stretch marks.

#1. Use of moisturizer

Studies have shown that people who constantly use moisturizers on their skin show significant improvement as far as the appearance of a stretch marks is concerned. This is because a skin that is well moisturized is more elastic hence there is less likelihood of tearing when it is forced to stretch. This prevents the formation of new stretch marks. Ensure that you use moisturizers with no chemicals.

#2. Eat foods rich in vitamin C

blond_woman_drinking_water_bottleVitamin C helps to increase the rate of collagen production in the body. Collagen helps to clear marks in the early development stage and prevents the formation of new ones by making the skin more elastic. Fruits and vegetables are some of the foods rich in vitamin C. You can also get vitamin C from vitamin C supplements. The recommended dosage in relation to stretch mark treatment is approximately 500mg after every eight hours.

#3. Use glycolic acid

This acid has the same effect as vitamin C. It increases collagen production in the body. Glycolic acid is usually applied directly on the skin. This acid can easily be purchased over the counter. If your stretch marks are intense, you can contact a licensed dermatologist to give you a stronger dose. The use of glycogen is safe for pregnant women.

#4. Use Retinoids

Retinoids help to increase collagen production. This helps to facilitate stretching of the skin without tearing. Retinoids do not work on old stretch marks. They only help in preventing the formation of new ones. Some examples of Retinoids include, Retinol, Retin -A, Renova, Tarzorac, Differin and Tretinoin. All these are prescription medication. Retionoids should never be used when pregnant or nursing. This is because the use of Retinoids may lead to birth defects. When using Retin A as treatment for stretch marks, you should minimize exposure to the sun because it makes you more susceptible to sun burns.

#5. Use a combination of Retinoids and glycolic acid

A combination of this two forms a more effective method of improving the appearance of a stretch mark than using only one of them. When using both Retinoids and glycolic acid,, ensure that you apply the retinoid first before applying glycolic acid. Remember, the Retinoids rule does not change, if pregnant or nursing keep off from Retinoids.

#6. Laser treatment

There are two types of laser treatment for stretch marks;

a) Pulsed dye laser

This type of laser treatment is used to treat new stretch marks that are still red. Stretch marks are usually red when they are newly formed and take months before they turn white. Pulsed dye laser treatment fades away the new stretch marks after six or less treatments. This laser treatment is not painful and it usually leaves bruise that disappears after a week.

b) Fractional nonablative laser

This type of laser treatment is done on stretch marks that have already turned white. Fractional nonablative treatment is considered to be the most effective method for removing stretch marks. It calls for the prescription of topical anesthetic and ibuprofen. To improve the texture of stretch marks, you have to take four or five treatments.

#7. Get an abdominoplasty

This is a certain way of removing the stretch marks completely. Abdominoplasty involves cutting out the stretch marks. Just like other surgeries, there are many risks involved. It also takes a minimum of 3 months before you are completely healed. Also keep in mind that insurance does not cover treatment for stretch marks.

#8. Use vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oils are effective in stretch mark eradication especially those that result due to pregnancy. The best way to apply vitamin E as a treatment for stretch marks is mixing it with your moisturizer or lotion for better coverage

#9. Apply essential oils

Lavender, Geranium, Rose, Myrrh, Frankincense and Helichrysum are some of the essential oils that can be directly applied on the skin to help eradication of stretch marks. You can also mix them with your lotion or moisturizer.

#10. Microdermabrasion treatment

This treatment is done using a hand held device that blows small crystals onto the skin. The abrasive effect of the crystals ‘polishes’ the surface of the skin. A vacuum tube is then used to remove the skin cells that have been removed and the crystals. With the topmost layer of the skin removed, a new layer grows to replace the one that has been removed. This therapy works for both new and old stretch marks.

#11 Wheat Germ oil

A recent study has shown that wheat germ oil is also an effective as treatment oil for stretch marks. The study found out that it helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks at early stage. The oil should be directly applied to the skin.

The rate at which the appearance of you stretch mark improves depends on the age of the stretch mark and the method you choose to use to treat your stretch marks. Therefore, to succeed, you have to consider the age of your stretch marks before choosing a given stretch mark eradication method. You should also consider the cost of the method of treatment. For example, going for laser treatment is more expensive than using Retinoids and glycolic acid to treat the stretch marks. As you use any of the stretch mark treatment methods, remember that they only improve the appearance of the marks but do not completely eliminate them. Always consult a dermatologist for advice before trying any treatment for stretch marks.


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