Purple Stretch Marks and You: Hope and Help for Healing Your Skin


Stretchmarks are types of superficial scars that appear a sa result of skin stretching caused by rapid weight gain or weight loss. When stretch marks first appear, they are mostly red or purple. After some time, they might fade away without treatment. If they do not fade away, they will change into a whitish silver appearance. Though they will still be visible, they will not stand out like when they were formed. However, though less visible, they are more resistant to treatment.

This is the reason why you need to treat them when they are still red or purple. Giving them time will make it more difficult to deal with them. While stretchmarks will not be painful, they can cause discomfort because most people lose their confidence. Stretchmarks are not pretty to look at and this explains why most people will want to get rid of them.

So, do purple stretch marks go away? As mentioned, they might go away on their own but if not, they will transform into stretchmarks that will be difficult to deal with. The following is useful information you can take advantage for eliminating stretchmarks.

1. A Little Something About Red Stretch Marks

Pregnant womenThe appearance of stretch marks is a sign that the skin around the affected area has stretched to its maximum.This is why these marks appear mostly in women and men with rapid weight fluctuations.Pregnant women mostly experience purple stretch marks on stomach because of the obvious weight gain and stretching of the skin. Boys and girls entering their puberty can also experience these marks. This is because this period is characterized by weight gain is specific body areas.

Though this is the case, young girls and women are not the only people who experience stretchmarks. A man who gains a lot of weight or loses a great deal of weight will most likely experience these marks.This can happen to bodybuilders, too.

Red stretch marks can be unsightly,and that’s why no one wants to have them. This is because they look like large scars that might appear if someone attempted to shave with a knife. The truth is that stretchmarks are easiest to deal with when at this redor purple stage. They are still fresh like an open wound and efforts to eliminate them will work better than later when they are healed.

2. The Science Behind Stretchmarks: How They Form

The skin consists of three layers. The innermost layer is known as the subcutaneous tissue, the second is the dermis and the topmost layer is known as the epidermis. The stretching occurs in the middle layer of the skin. The stretching is not the actual cause. The reason stretchmarks appear is because the dermis is unable to adapt to the rapid stretching.

There are certain hormones in the blood that can limit the production of collagen. With inadequate collagen, the skin’s elasticity will be compromised and this is why the skin fails to stretch and retract without the formation of stretchmarks.

Gaining weight fast is one of the main reasons for stretches. This mostly happens in puberty, body building and pregnancy.The outer skin layer will stretch, but the layer beneath might not be that elastic. This leads to the damage to the tissues that makeup the dermis. This damage will appear as stretchmarks on the epidermis.

removing stretchmarksThey will first appear as reddish or purple streaks but after some time, they will transform into white silvery streaks, which are somewhat permanent.While removing stretchmarks permanently is a difficult affair. It is possible to reduce their visibility to a point where they are almost nonexistent.The most important thing is to make the color of the marks fade away and this is where products come in.

Leaving the red or purple stretchmarks for a year or so might lead to the tightening of the skin. While the stretchmarks will appear as though they have disappeared, the silver streaks will always remind you that you once had stretchmarks. Understanding how these marks appear is quite important because it will give you some ideas on how to help your skin heal faster and be more elastic to withstand the stretching without getting damaged.

3. Purple Stretch Marks Vs White Stretch Marks

Also referred to as striae in the medical world, stretchmarks are some of the most common skin complaints.First, they appear as unevenly textured lines or stripes. Preventive care can significantly reduce chances of developing stretch marks though there is no guarantee.

The color of the marks is determined by the age. Fresh marks are reddish or purple while older marks are whitish silver.The red stretchmarks are easy to eliminate because they are still fresh and a little help will significantly change the outcome of the healing process.

The difference between the red and the white stretch marks does not end in the color or appearance;their treatment is also different. As mentioned, fresh red marks will respond well to topical creams and other remedies. The treatment approach is supposed to enhance the production of collagen in the skin. All approaches are aimed at increasing the skin’s self-healing abilities.

creamsOlder stretchmarks, which will be white or silver in color, will respond differently to treatment and may not respond to the same treatment approach used in treating red stretch marks. Since the treatment is more difficult, methods used are geared towards reducing the difference between the stretchmarks and the surrounding skin.

Preventive measures are the same for both of these marks. Maintaining healthy eight might help avoid the rapid weight gain that stretches the skin. Because stretch marks resulting from pregnancy are unavoidable, the use of oils and creams is recommended.

During pregnancy, a woman may not be able to control her weight properly. The most important point here is to make sure that you handle the stretchmarks before they get to the difficult to treat stages.

4. The Body Areas That Suffer from Stretch Marks the Most

Stretchmarks occur in different places, and the causes are different. Here’s a look at stretch marks in different parts of the body and what causes them:

  • Purple Stretch Marks on Thighs: Purple stretch marks on thighs mostly occur during significant weight gain within a short period. This will result in the stretching of the skin beyond its limit.

Thighs are some of the areas in the body where fat deposits in high amounts. This simply means that thighs experience more elasticity breakdown.It is important that you do your best to handle these marks at their early stages before they become difficult to deal with.

  • Purple Stretch Marks on Inner Thighs: Purple stretch marks on inner thighs occur to people who have lost a great deal of weight and pregnant women in the third trimester.

The reason these stretch marks are difficult to eliminate is because they do not start to form on the surface. They start on the inner skin layer and the outer skin is just showing the damage beneath.

The good news is that there are things you can do to get rid of the purple or red stretchmarks on the inner part of the thigh. These include hydrating your body always and exercising. There are other remedies but we will look at them later.breasts

  • Purple Stretch Marks on Back: A lot of people wonder if it is possible to get stretchmarks on the back. It is possible. In most cases, striae are found on the thighs, belly, buttocks, upper arm and breasts. Stretch marks on the back, like other places are caused by the stretching of the dermis. In this case, the stretch is caused by rapid weight gain.

There are many factors that can result in an inelastic skin. While these marks can appear on just about anyone, there are people who are more prone:

  • Females
  • People who are overweight
  • Those with a family history of stretch marks
  • People with excess stress
  • Individuals who are taking corticosteroid medication
  • People suffering from some adrenal gland disorders or certain genetic disorders, such as Marfan syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
  • Purple Stretch Marks on Legs: Stretch marks on your legs can be caused by a number of things. The most common is weight gain. When you gain weight fast, the skin on your legs will stretch and cause the marks. Even if you lose that weight, these marks will not go away.

During puberty, people grow rapidly and this can lead to stretchmarks on the legs. The growth spurts in puberty has been found to cause stretch marks in both males and females. Unfortunately, you cannot slow puberty. You can, however, make the stretchmarks less conspicuous.

There are some medical conditions that can lead to the forming of stretchmarks on legs. These may include Ehlers-Danlos, Marfan syndrome, and Cushing’s syndrome, among other genetic disorders.These conditions can affect the adrenal gland and stretch marks will form all over the body including your legs.weight loss

  • Purple Stretch Marks on Stomach: Stretch marks on the stomach are common and widely known. In most cases, they appear in women. Some of the main causes of these stretchmarks are weight gain, weight loss and pregnancy. In some cases, the lines are caused by hormonal changes. There are a lot of women facing the stretchmark challenge all over the world. Depending on the stage of development, these marks can be purple, red or white in color.

Most people do not have any idea that they might find purple stretchmarks on stomachs in males. Men can get stretch marks on their bellies, and this can be an obesity sign. Obese men will gain weight rapidly and this will result in the skin stretching and the formation of stretch marks.

Since weight will be adding in all parts of the body, the stretching will occur on the stomach and this is what will result in the lines and stretchmarks.

  • Purple Stretch Marks on Breasts: Breasts can quickly grow as a result of pregnancy, puberty and weight gain. Just like any other body part, the skin will be stretched beyond its limits and the result is stretchmarks. Luckily, there are ways to prevent breast stretchmarks and at least make those that have already appeared less conspicuous.
  • Purple Stretch Marks on Upper Arms: Stretch marks might appear on the upper arm area due to weight gain or growth of muscles. This mean gaining weight due to obesity and muscle growth due to body building activities can result in these marks. Most common areas are the region above the armpit and the inner part of the biceps.
  • Purple Stretch Marks on Buttocks: The buttock is one of the first places to get fat during weight gain and the last part the fat will be taken from. This happens for both men and women. The increase in fat can result in the overstretching of the skin which is known to cause stretchmarks.
  • Purple Stretch Marks on Shoulders: The shoulder can also get stretchmarks as a result of weight gain and muscle growth. If you are training or you are gaining weight, might want to figure out how to prevent these stretchmarks.

5. The Top Six Factors That Make You Prone to Have Stretchmarks

Though everyone can develop stretchmarks, there are certain elements that make people more prone to these marks, such as:Puberty

  • Genetics: If your close relatives, such as your parents have stretch marks, you are more likely to have them. Though they can affect both men and women, they are more common in females.
  • Puberty: Puberty is characterized by growth spurts. This means the body is developing rapidly and stretch marks may form on the boy’s back and shoulder while girls get them on breasts, thighs and hips.
  • Pregnancy: Stretch marks during pregnancy occur mostly in the later stages of the pregnancy. The development of the marks will highly depend on your skin type and its elasticity. Some of the areas that are more prone to stretchmarks during pregnancy include the tummy, thighs and breasts since they will be growing bigger.
  • Being Overweight: Being overweight means that there are different places where the skin might be stretched beyond its limits. For this reason, overweight individuals can develop stretchmarks in different places of their body.
  • Having Significant Weight Gain or Loss: If you put on a lot of weight your skin will be suddenly stretched and this will result in stretch marks. Losing a lot of weight within a short period of time will also lead to the development of stretchmarks.If you plan on losing weight, make the process gradual so that the skin can adapt to the new levels of stretching.
  • Using Corticosteroid Mediations: There are rare cases where purple stretch marks might develop as a result of an inappropriate or prolonged use of corticosteroid medication. This is in form of lotions or creams in the treatment of skin condition like eczema.

While corticosteroids will help ease inflammation on the skin and treat different skin conditions, they can also reduce collagen levels. This will, in turn, affect the elasticity of the skin negatively and increase chances of developing stretchmarks.

6. Do Stretch Marks Magically Disappear?

try the existing productsMost people think of stretch marks as an issue for pregnant women. This is not the case,since they can also affect men and non-pregnant women. These stubborn marks appear when the dermis is overstretched especially over a short period. As you get older the skin is less elastic and instead of snapping right back, it breaks down and results in the scars on the upper skin.

In some cases, depending on the skin of the person with the stretchmarks, they might disappear or appear less conspicuously. Some people live with stretchmarks for the rest of their lives.

Though there are creams to eliminate them, they are considered beauty marks by some people. If you are interested in eliminating these marks, you might want to try the existing products that are designed to reduce the appearance or eliminate stretchmarks. It is less likely that these marks will go away on their own.

7. The Top Six Surprisingly Simple Yet Effective Ways to Make These Scars Disappear

  • Glycolic Acid Scrubs: Glycolic acid is one of the best exfoliation ingredients. It is in a family of alpha hydroxyl acids which have impressive exfoliating properties. Though the acid can be obtained from plants and milk the acids used for skin care is from synthetic lab processes. This ingredient can improve the skin and this might also reduce the appearance of the stretchmarks.
  • Miniaturization with Cocoa Butter: Stretchmarks appear because of the collagen damage underneath the skin. The use of cocoa butter can help you make the stretch marks paler and this might lead the skin to look more natural. Additionally, cocoa butter will leave your skin softer and calmer. The good thing is that it is safe for pregnant women.
  • Camouflage Makeup: Camouflage makeup is a high pigmented substance that is used in the concealing of scars and non-infectious skin conditions. You will need to see a professional who are specialized in matching your skin complexion with the appropriate product. These products are water resistant and this gives the wearer more confidence.
  • Creams:There are creams that have been designed to help in speeding up the healing process and moisturizing the skin to eliminate or reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. The secret here is to use the creams when the purple stretchmarks are still fresh.

A good example is the Intensive Stretchmark Therapy Cream which helps in the repair and prevention of damages. The product can also improve collagen levels for elasticity and healing power. These properties are crucial in the healing of scars.get rid of dead cells

  • Laser Light Therapy: While laser therapy will not completely get rid of the purple stretchmarks, it can help in the reduction of their appearance. There are different types of therapies used. They are not painful but can be quite expensive especially compared to other methods of eliminating stretchmarks. When this therapy is used on purple stretchmarks, it is more effective.
  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure sued to get rid of dead cells of the skin. This is done through handheld devices that direct exfoliation ingredients on the skin surface.

8. Tips You Can Use to Prevent Stretch Marks

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent stretchmarks from occurring that will save you the trouble of finding methods to eliminate them when they appear, such as:

  • Balance Your Weight and Diet: Most cases of stretchmarks are caused by dramatic weight gain and weight loss. Avoiding weight loss can greatly help in the prevention of purple stretch marks. If you are losing weight, it should be slowly through eating healthy and regular exercises. It is important that you do not lose more than 0.5 kg or one lb. per week.

healthy foodsEating healthy foods involves a balanced diet wit vitamins and minerals especially vitamin E and vitamin C and minerals such as silicon and zinc.You should also know your body mass index or BMI. This is a relationship between your height and build and your weight. Most healthy adults will fall between 18.5 and 25. There are calculators for this purpose.

  • Pregnancy: The stretchmarks pregnant women get are mostly caused by hormonal changes and the increase in weight in different parts of the body. Gaining pregnancy weight steadily can help in minimizing stretchmark effects.While you should eat a variety of foods to get the right nutrients, eating for two is a myth. Eating the right food will make sure you and the baby are healthy. You do not gain too much weight too fast.

Stretchmarks might be annoying and stubborn, especially if you want to show some skin. Fortunately, there are different remedies you can use to reduce the appearance of these skin marks. The best approach is to deal with the red or purple stretchmarks, because they are fresh and will respond well to the different treatment methods.


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