Natural Remedy for Stretch Marks

Weight loss, weight gain, puberty, pregnancy all cause the skin to stretch rapidly. This result in several undesirable lines referred to as stretch marks also called striae on the skin. This write up will talk about how to eliminate stretch marks naturally.

Stretch marks appear on both women and men, but it is more pronounced in women, particularly after key changes within their lives for example pregnancy. In addition, body builders as well as weightlifters who often lose weight rapidly, also get stretch marks. Usually, these undesirable marks appear on the thighs, hips, breasts, belly, upper arms or buttocks. Stretch marks can be removed through a number of methods. These ugly lines can be eliminated through a variety of plastic and cosmetic surgeries. But these methods are quite costly and the desired outcome is not assured. This is why you need to know about natural remedy for stretch marks. Presented below are the different methods of reducing stretch marks.

Massages and Hot Baths

Massaging the stretched part of the skin as well as regular hot baths helps to decrease stretch marks. The reason for this is because increase in blood circulation causes the skin to heal faster, which leads to a decrease in the stretch marks. Moisturizing the skin and using olive oil for massaging is also beneficial.

Exfoliation of the Skin

Exfoliation means to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Doing this regularly will not only help to decrease the stretch marks, it will also bring a revitalizing shine to your skin. You can make use of a loofah to exfoliate your skin every day. You can also purchase exfoliating creams that you can use while taking your bath.

Topical Applications 

Aloe Very Gel

Lots of enzymes, minerals and vitamins are contained in the Aloe Vera plant. The plant also contains collagen, which can penetrate into the inner skin layers, repairing the damage as well as nourishing the skin. Aloe vera gel can be obtained from the drugstore within your locality and you can also get it from the aloe vera plant. If you are pregnant, you can prevent the formation of stretch marks by applying aloe vera gel throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Mixture of Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C

Rubbing a blend of vitamin C supplements and glycolic acid on the affected part of the skin three times each day will bring about a significant reduction in the stretch marks. This is because glycolic acid boosts collagen production in the skin.
Vitamin E Gel

Rubbing vitamin E capsules on the stretched part of the skin will help to reduce these marks. This is because vitamin E capsules contain a gel that helps to eliminate stretch marks. To obtain good results, you should regularly apply the vitamin E gel for two weeks.

Several creams and lotions for removing stretch marks are available in the market these days. If you prefer, you can purchase these products or you can make use of natural ingredients to make your own lotion. Making your own lotion is not difficult. Get three cups of unrefined aloe, mango or cocoa butter, and some jojoba oil (half cup) stir the mixture properly. After that add some coconut oil (half cup) and stir the mixture properly. Apply this mixture on the affected part of the skin three times each day in order to obtain good results.
You can also prepare another lotion using vitamin supplements, aloe vera gel plus olive oil. Get a blender and add some olive oil (half cup), aloe vera gel (quarter cup), gel from six vitamin A capsules, plus gel from six vitamin E capsules. The mixture should be blended thoroughly and you should apply to the affected parts of the skin three times each day.

Applying Cocoa Butter on the Skin

The fat taken out from cocoa beans, called cocoa butter, offers a lot of benefits to the skin. It contains strong anti-oxidants that are capable of repairing damaged collagen fibers to make the skin more elastic. When you apply cocoa butter on your skin, it will penetrate into the inner layers of your skin to repair damaged tissues. Apply cocoa butter every alternate day and you will obtain good results within a month.
Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet is important for skin health and a good remedy for stretch marks. Your diet should contain high amounts of zinc, proteins and vitamins. Also, make sure you drink sufficient quantities of water every day. Drinking lots of water helps to keep your body hydrated, and this helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity. This will greatly reduce the chances of stretch mark development.

The formation of ugly stretch marks is usually as a result of obesity, rapid weight loss and weight gain. Thus, you can prevent the occurrence of stretch marks by exercising your body regularly as well as keeping yourself physically fit. Exercising your body everyday tones up your skin and makes it firmer. Stretch mark occurs when the skin is loose or overstretched, thus keeping your skin toned will help to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.


It is widely known that honey has therapeutic properties. Honey can also help to decrease stretch marks. Get a piece of cloth and make it a little damp, after that, place it on the part your body that has stretch marks and pour some honey on to it. Use a warm cloth to wash it off as soon as it starts to dry.

Stretch Marks Cannot Be Totally Eliminated

You should realize that you cannot eliminate stretch marks completely. Stretch marks are actually scars etched on the skin. They cannot be erased completely, but can be decreased to some degree. Understanding skin anatomy will help you appreciate why stretch marks cannot be totally eliminated. Your skin has three layers (epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous stratum. The dermis (middle layer) keeps your skin in shape. When the middle layer of the skin loses its elasticity, it becomes slack and this will result in tearing of the epidermal and dermal layers, thereby causing stretch marks. For this reason, preventing stretch mark development is better than constantly worrying about natural remedy for stretch marks. What this means is that you should prevent stretch mark development, instead of struggling to eliminate it.


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