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Whether you suffer from pregnancy stretch marks or marks from rapid gain of weight or muscle, you are probably wondering how you can best be rid of stretch marks and erase their unsightly legacy. Most people don’t have the funds to turn to the laser or surgical options, but happily there are other time-tested ways to remove stretch marks. Time is the key here but you can certainly help the process along with the judicious use of some inexpensive products. In many cases you can prevent the occurrence of stretch marks altogether.

Preventing Stretch Marks

There are a number of situations in which you might anticipate the appearance of stretch marks. Pregnancy is an obvious example, because the skin of the stomach will have to expand rapidly as a baby grows and develops. Other situations may seem less intuitively obvious, but they carry as great a risk of resulting in stretch marks as pregnancy does. These situations include any time in a person’s life where rapid growth of some sort might cause the skin to stretch, such as adolescent growth spurts, periods of weight gain, or the addition of muscle mass with body building efforts.

The appearance of stretch marks can occur with any of these situations, and it is far easier to prevent them proactively than to get rid of stretch marks after the fact. Using a specialized moisturizer or stretch mark cream on an area where stretch marks might reasonably be expected can make a significant difference in epidermal outcome.

A cream with Vitamin E can be particularly useful, as this essential nutrient is one of the main “building blocks” for skin repair. Apply the cream to the stomach during pregnancy, to shoulders or other muscular areas when weight lifting, or to any area that might be experiencing quick expansion. This might even include some less obvious areas like the thighs during pregnancy, as many ladies find they gain weight rapidly in places other than just the belly.

The simple act of moisturizing the skin can make it more elastic and better able to withstand the stretching that results from rapid expansion. Think, for example, of an old pencil eraser or rubber band, when the rubber has become hard and brittle. If you compare the fragility of the hard rubber to the elasticity of newer rubber, you can easily imagine your skin cells in a similar state. If the skin cells are dry and brittle, the epidermis itself will be more susceptible to tearing. If, in contrast, the skin is supple and elastic and properly moisturized, your skin has more resources to resist the tearing that causes stretch marks on the surface. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and it is far more difficult to get rid of stretch marks than to prevent them in the first place.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks Already in Existence

If the possible prevention period is already past and you are dealing with existing stretch marks, never fear. There are still quite a number of solid remedies for stretch marks, and most of them require nothing more of you than a few dollars, the determination to apply a treatment regularly, and a little patience. Indeed, the patience is often the most difficult ingredient, because so many people are eager to be rid of stretch marks in a hurry. Many a new mother would like to return to her two-piece swimsuit directly after giving birth, but ugly stretch marks can render her far too self-conscious to reveal her midriff.

For everyone who can’t count surgical or laser treatment as a viable option, the real route to get rid of stretch marks is the application of a solid moisturizer, preferably with the added help of herbal compounds that can boost the healing ability of the skin. There are a number of such compounds, all of which can potentially assist in healing and eliminating your stretch marks. The key is to try them and see what works best on your individual skin.

Herbal Compounds that Help Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Some of the popular herbal elements that can help your skin heal more quickly from the ravages of stretch marks include:

  • Green Tea: With antioxidants that counter the deleterious effects of free radicals, green tea has proven itself in the arena of healing scars, effects of aging and pollutants in the environment, and getting rid of stretch marks.
  • Aloe vera: Used for centuries as a healing aid, aloe contains more than two hundred compounds that can aid the healing processes of skin.
  • Calendula or Marigold: Another powerful antioxidant, marigold also works well with over-sensitive skin.
  • Alfalfa: The Arabs first discovered alfalfa’s uses in healing, a direct effect of the proteins and vitamins the herb contains.
  • Vitamin E: Not only does Vitamin E work to help the skin retain moisture and remain more elastic, but it can also actively assist the skin in its effort to rebuild damaged tissue.

These are some of the most commonly effective herbal remedies found in moisturizers formulated to help with stretch marks. Other botanical ingredients that may also be effective include vegetable glycerin, jasmine, chamomile, rosemary, and lavender.

Applying Cream or Moisturizer

When you are working to be rid of stretch marks, it’s a case where there is no such thing as “too much” moisturizer. Applying your chosen moisturizing cream multiple times throughout the day is one of the surest ways to achieve an effect. Wherever your stretch marks make you uncomfortable or self-conscious, keep that skin thoroughly moisturized and make sure it has all the natural compounds it can use to work at the job of healing your skin.

Stretch marks may not be a danger or a threat in the sense of your health, but when they affect your self-image they can certainly influence your overall sense of well being. Free yourself from the worry, and be rid of stretch marks forever.


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