Stretch Marks Lotion- Key Ingredients You Should Look


stretch mark lotionDo you have awful stretch marks that have already created a lot of problem for you? Have you considered almost all of the treatments available for you? If this is the case, you need to try stretch mark lotions that you see on the shelves of almost every wellness store.

Stretch marks lotion is a non-prescription medication that you could buy from any pharmacy or even from certain beauty shops. They all claim to be reliable in removing the stretch marks of all kinds and shapes.

A large amount of people try it, since applying a lotion on a stretch mark makes them feel as if they are eliminating their stretch marks without costly treatment sessions.

If you are willing to find a cream that is most effective, here are the key ingredients you should look for. Try to make sure that the cream you choose contains maximum number of these vital components, if not all.

1. Emu oil. Emu oil is known for its skin penetration qualities as it can penetrate deep into the skin in a fast and reliable manner. It can even go further and reach the skin’s second layer, called the dermis. Furthermore it can also enhance the skin’s healing capacity. Emu oil does not aggravate. It can deeply penetrate the skin to give an emulsifying impact, making it a skin hydrating agent too.

2. Grape Seed Extract. In all fruits, grapes have the highest amount of antioxidants. Grape seed extract also makes sure that the body readily absorbs all the vitamin C presented to it, which is essential in developing the cell’s membranes and preventing it from being damaged. This extract is also rich in proanthocyanidins, a molecular body that safeguards the capillary walls of the body and prevents harmful enzymes from breaking down the elastin and collagen present in the body.

3. Glycolic Acid. This type of hydroxyacetic acid is mostly found in green fruits and plants. This acid brings down the buildup of dead cells in the skin. Sugar cane is the major source of glycolic acid. Small molecules of glycolic acid might effectively go through the skin and help in exfoliating the body.

4. Vitamin E. Vitamin E is the most powerful anti-oxidant. It helps in delaying the cell’s aging process which is a direct outcome of oxidation. Like other common anti-oxidants, it can nourishe the cells of the skin and prevent additional damage.

5. Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera’s cooling influence makes it the most effective remedy for sunburns and similar injuries. It could promote healing and decrease swelling. It is furthermore known to balance out wrinkles and naturally soften the skin.

6. Collagen. Collagen is a type of protein present in the tissues of the body. The collagen content in the body reduces substantially with advancing age. For that reason, the skin loses moisture and could not preserve it on its own. Collagen from outside sources can supplement the body’s reduced levels of collagen

7. Liposomes. Liposomes are phospholipids, a kind of fatty mixture that has catalytic abilities and serves as a driver for the cream’s active ingredients like oil and emollients.

These are a few of the important ingredients of a good stretch marks lotion. If you are willing to have the most dependable product in the marketplace, you should ensure that most of these essential ingredients exist in your choice of stretch marks lotion.


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