What Stretch Mark Cream to Use during Pregnancy?


The appearance of stretch marks is very common during pregnancy and many women wonder how to deal with it. If you’re expecting a baby, it’s very important to take good care of your skin. Proper hydration will increase its elasticity and reduce the risk of getting stretch marks as your belly grows.

Many creams and products on the market are particularly designed for the needs of pregnant women. Which one is the best option for you and what does it take to choose a stretch mark cream?

Why do Stretch Marks Appear?

stretch marks appearStretch marks appear for a very simple reason – your body grows and the skin isn’t capable of keeping up with the pace. This is why teens and people that gain a lot of weight over a short period of time are prone to getting stretch marks in the affected part of the body.

During pregnancy, an average woman will gain about 30 pounds over the course of the nine months. The parts of the body that are most vulnerable during this period of dynamic change include the belly and your breasts.

Statistics show that about 90 percent of pregnant women will get stretch marks, regardless of the number of pounds that they gain. If your mom or your grandma had stretch marks, your risk of getting those becomes higher. Ladies that have a lighter complexion are also more likely to experience stretch marks.

Are Stretch Mark Creams Safe during Pregnancy?

To avoid getting stretch mark, it’s crucial to choose a good product in the first months of your pregnancy. You may, however, worry about the safety of such creams and whether they could impact your baby in a negative way.

Take a look at the list of ingredients before doing anything else. It will give you a clue about the safety of the product and its ability to hydrate your skin sufficiently.

safe stretch mark creamStay away from stretch mark creams that contain topical retinoids. These treatments can be really effective after your pregnancy but avoid trying such creams (these are prescription ointments) while expecting. The vast majority of OTC stretch mark creams is safe during pregnancy.

Choose creams that contain natural extracts and oils. Heavier formulas are better because they will nourish your skin. A vast range of cosmetic brands have ranges of products especially formulated for the needs of pregnant ladies. These creams contain solely safe ingredients and they’re created to provide optimum hydration.

Stretch Mark Oils or Stretch Mark Creams?

Stretch mark oils are the ideal option for ladies that are predisposed to getting stretch marks and for the ones that generally have dry skin.

These are much more nourishing than creams. They usually contain a blend of botanicals, chosen for their hydrating effects and for the ability to boost the skin’s elasticity. Avoid oils that contain synthetics like toluene, phthalates and artificial fragrances. Mineral oil is another big no-no while you’re pregnant.

applying stretch mark creamCreams usually have lighter formulas. They’re best for the ladies that have generally oily skin and for the ones that aren’t predisposed to get stretch marks. The best creams are free from parabens, petrolatum and fragrances.

Stretch mark cream or stretch mark oil? You may want to test both options and assess your tolerance. Applying some of the product on your skin will help you test its absorption and hydrating powers. It’s generally a good idea to give such skincare ointments a try before buying one or another.

Some of the Best Stretch Mark Creams to Use During Your Pregnancy

So, what brands have quality stretch mark creams and which ones should you consider?

The Weleda Pregnancy Body OilThe Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil is one of the products on the market that have gotten predominantly positive reviews. This is a very nourishing oil that can keep the skin elastic, even if you have particularly dry skin. Only natural oils have been used in the production of this skincare item.

The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is ideal for the prevention of stretch marks. It’s based on both natural and synthetic ingredients but the product has been tested by dermatologists.

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream is based on avocado peptides. These stimulate natural collagen production, boosting the elasticity of your belly skin significantly.

Finally, if you want a completely organic solution, go for the Erba Organics Mommy-to-Be Oil. The formula is simple, which makes this cream really affordable, regardless of the fact that it’s organic. Aloe and shea butter work together to reduce the risk of stretch mark appearance.


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