So how do you prevent stretch marks?


The question of how do you prevent stretch marks is one that many people around the world are actually asking themselves and the fact is there are many solutions through which they can achieve this. Even in part, some doctors out there will attribute the appearance of stretch marks to heredity, there are plenty of things individuals can do in order to prevent them from happening, even if they have relatives or family members that already had them.

The key towards being successful is to keep the skin moisturized well enough. The best time in which people may want to consider a prevention treatment is when they get pregnant. This is because it’s a fragile period of their life and they will gain some weight, which can easily cause stretch marks to appear. Below, this article will talk about some of the preventive measures people can take.

1. So how do you prevent stretch marks? Well, first of all vitamin E will have to be added to the bath water. Not much of it is required, but just a few tablespoons and after the first application, it will basically do wonders for the skin. The result will be a skin that’s more moisturized and smoother than ever before.

2. For two times per day, it’s recommended to add a skin firming lotion or a collagen producing lotion on the areas people are concerned that will develop stretch marks. It’s best they use plenty of lotion to be sure they’re doing the right thing.

3. Before going to bed, using the same routine explained at step two is very much recommended. However, there is a difference when applying it at night. People should thus use a damp and warm towel and place it on the area of the body before applying the lotion. This will help a lot with the skin absorbing the lotion after it’s been applied.

4. A great method to prevent stretch marks is to also try and exfoliate the skin at least once per week, by using a very fine grained and gentle scrub. It’s very useful because it allows the new layers of skin to emerge, while removing the older ones. If the stretch marks can appear in areas the individual just doesn’t reach, he can ask a family member to help him out with the application of lotion and rubbing.

5. Using skin oil once per week on the skin and massaging it in is a great step to take. By massaging it gently, the product’s moisturizing agents will penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin, making it suppler and more elastic.

With that being said, it seems that the question of how do you prevent stretch marks is no longer something people cannot answer. These are some of the most useful steps they can take to prevent stretch marks from appearing and by following them, they should never have to worry about developing any. In regards to applying some of the lotions, they can ask their family members to help out in this regard.


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