What to Look For In a Stretch Mark Cream


Are you having problems with ugly stretch marks? Are you looking for a stretch mark cream to end your embarrassment over them? A word of advice is to do some of your own research before you run to the first available store.

There are so many types of creams available in the market, touting to be the best and effective solution to remove stretch marks. When looking for your solution, it is best to make sure that you get the type of cream that is suitable for your skin. You may be one who prefers natural or organic products or you probably would not mind those synthetically-made creams. First and foremost, know what you want in the solution you seek.

Natural Vs Synthetic Stretch Mark Cream

Between the natural and the synthetic creams, in which will you put your trust? In an instant, majority of people are more inclined to trust natural stretch mark removal products over the synthetic ones.

Here are some reasons why.

No harsh chemicals

All natural occurring ingredients from Mother Nature

No allergy risks


Neutralizing free radical capabilities

Lower toxicity in the body promoting efficient natural detoxification

Human-beings are quick to assume. Let us ask ourselves if it is really true that the natural stretch mark cream is definitely better than the synthetic ones. Doctors and scientists would definitely beg to differ.

When Synthetic Cream Is A Better Choice

For your own sake, never jump the gun to automatically assume that natural products are a plus benefit than the synthetically-made products. You may be far from the truth and deprive yourself of the right treatment for your stretch marks.

In some cases, the synthetic products are better solutions because;

They are formulated according to specific treatment for effectiveness.

They produce faster effect towards healing.

They are more stable to deliver their longer lasting results.

They cost lesser than the natural and organic products.

There is no firm Yes or No to the frequent argument of natural products versus the synthetic. It is your job to research about the concentration of the active ingredients in these creams and their side-effects on the body if any. Remember to judge the product based on information backed up by science.

When Choosing Organic Over Natural Stretch Mark Cream

These days, there has been a rise in the introduction of organic products to the consumer market due to people’s awareness about health care. But do you really know the difference between the organic products over the natural ones? Here are some important notes about organic stretch mark cream:

They must be made from ingredients grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and

Genetic engineering under farming systems that promotes conservation of the eco-system.

They must contain at 95% organically produced and processed ingredients.

They must be certified by an approved certification agency.

They are produced with stringent standards for process and handling.

They are priced more.

They have a longer shelf-life.

So far there is no evidence to prove that organic products are indeed better than the natural products. Remember that the effectiveness of the product and any side-effects is beyond reading the labels. The key to safe alternative treatments is to invest your time to check and ask the right questions to the right people.

How To Select An Effective Solution

It is challenging and a complete headache when deciding on how to get rid of stretch marks especially with so many lines of these products in the market. A product that is suitable for a person may not necessarily work for another. Most importantly, the selection of your stretch mark product should be focused around the following:

Know your own skin type and any known allergies to start with.

The product must first and foremost be formulated for collagen repair.

The product contains non-greasy absorbable formulation.

The product should be fragrance free.

The product should contain hypoallergenic properties.

The product should be easy to apply.

When choosing a solution for stretch marks removal for your body, it is important to make the right choice. Discontinuation of the product should be immediate at the slightest indication of any negative reactions. Never compromise in order to save your money’s worth as it is never really worth the subsequent trouble and discomfort you will be put through!

If you have a good knowledge about stretch marks and how the respective treatments work are designed to work for you, you will have no problems to find the type of stretch mark cream that will most likely be suitable for you. At best, consult your dermatologist for professional advice.


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