Stretch Marks Treatment – Which One is Right For You

Natural Ways to Treat Stretch Marks

Stretch marks treatment is the most important medical requirement of most people today. Stretch marks occur in both men and women due to several reasons. Whatever might be the reasons, one thing is sure. i.e. they are going to affect the beauty to a great extent. Women usually get stretch marks after their delivery. There are several large number of treatment methods for treating stretch marks. Among them, surgical treatment methods are quite safe and cheap treatment methods available today.

There are several natural methods of stretch marks treatment. Let us have a look at these natural methods, which are always better than surgical treatment methods.

1) Use some stretch mark removal creams. As stretch marks have become an important problem faced by people all over the world today, several companies have prepared new creams to treat stretch marks. Most of these creams are made of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera etc. hence they are quite safe and mostly effective. Several ointments are also available to apply on these stretch marks.

2) Homemade remedies for stretch marks: Stretch marks can be removed by applying cocoa butter or some other oil containing Vitamin E on these stretch marks. They help to moisturize the skin and thereby reduce stretch marks. Here is a method of preparing a homemade cream for applying on stretch marks. Mix ½ cup virgin olive oil and ¼ cup of Aloe Vera gel. Add six Vitamin E capsules to this mixture and 4 capsules of Vitamin A. use a blender to blend them correctly. Put it in a refrigerator and cool for several hours. Your perfect stretch marks treatment gel is ready!

3) Diet and exercise: Obesity is another important cause for stretch marks. Regular exercise and controlled diet helps to keep obesity at bay and hence reduce prevalence of stretch marks. Avoiding oily and junk foods, eating lots of fruits, vegetables and pulses etc help to reduce body weight. Besides that, fruits and vegetables are also rich in Vitamins and Anti oxidants, which help to make skin more elastic. Regular exercise not only improves metabolic functions of body and along with that, they also enhance production of collagen.

4) Keep the skin moisturized always: This is very important as moisturizing helps to make skin smooth and soft. Different moisturizing creams are available in market for stretch marks treatment. Besides them, Olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil etc can be used to apply to these stretch marks. They reduce stretch marks to a great extent. Researchers have proved that those who use coconut oil regularly have less chances of getting stretch marks over their belly.

5) Using a self tanner is another way of treating stretch marks. Self tanners are extremely helpful in reducing stretched appearance of skin and they don’t have any side effects. But before using them, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin for getting maximum results.

Thus there are several large numbers of stretch marks treatment techniques used by people for reducing stretch marks and all those treatments have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. It is up to the individual to consider all those factors carefully and select the best method.

Treat Stretch Marks with Surgery

Stretch marks are the most important problem faced by both men and women today, but its prevalence is more in women compared to men, this is because of several different reasons like pregnancy etc which are unique to women. There are different treatment techniques for stretch marks treatment. LASER treatment is the most advanced method of treatment, but as it is costlier, can’t be afforded by everyone. There are several others treatments like surgery etc for treating stretch marks. Let us consider surgical methods here.

Let us consider pros and cons of surgical stretch marks treatment methods one by one.


· This surgery is quite safe and secure. There are no pronounced side effects of this treatment.

· Surgical treatment is inevitable in many cases as some serious stretch marks can’t be removed without surgery.

· After getting surgical treatment, one can get back attraction of body and sexy look completely.

· You are free to select the type of surgery you want, which ensures you are the boss in this treatment.

· You will have all control over your life. Cosmetic surgical process allows you to have full benefits of treatment.


· The chances that people take surgical stretch marks treatment lightly are more. Even though this treatment is quite safe, there are certain precautions one need to take before undergoing surgery.

· Sometimes person may commit mistake in judging the degree of these stretch marks. Sometimes stretch marks may not be serious to demand surgical methods, but person tends to think that he/she needs surgery. That gives rise to unnecessary surgery many times.

· This surgery doesn’t have insurance coverage. So it is not safe to undergo this surgery. Even though it is a quite safe treatment method, in case of some causalities which occur rarely, there wouldn’t be any insurance coverage.

· Dangers are involved by wrong treatment. In some cases, inexperienced doctors may do potential damage to your health by wrong treatment.

· Recovery time is usually longer as surgery is involved in this treatment procedure.

Stretch marks treatment surgery involves the procedure of removing excess fat and skin under belly. This procedure is somewhat complicated and involves several steps of treatment and that is the reason why patients take more time to recover.

There is another stretch marks treatment method, namely microdermabrasion method. It is a skin resurfacing technique. It uses very small crystals to remove top layers of skin. Even though this method is not effective by itself, it is quite useful when used with other types of treatment.

Endermologie treatment is another method of stretch mark removal treatment method. Earlier this treatment was invented in France. This technique was invented to remove scar marks on skin. This treatment requires several treatment sessions before it shows its effects completely. Along with removing stretch marks, this treatment also has other benefits like improving blood circulation below the skin etc. improved blood circulation increases production of collagen, which in turn reduces stretch marks to a great extent. Thus one can say with confidence that stretch mark removal surgeries are quite safe and effective.