Top 8 Stretch Creams On The Market


If you’ve recently gained or lost a lot of weight or are going through a pregnancy, then you’ve probably noticed a few stretch marks appearing where you wished they wouldn’t. Luckily, there are a lot of stretch mark creams on the market and we’ll cover the top 8 of these creams right here.

8. Dermology.

Dermology.We’ll kick off this countdown of the top stretch mark creams with Dermology stretch mark treatments, which not only help reduce visible stretch marks, but it’s also widely used for its ability to drastically reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite. It’s an overall great skin care product and help keeps your skin elastic and firm by boosting your natural production of collagen within the skin cells. You should apply this treatment as recommended and you’ll notice stretch marks begin to fade before your very eyes. Once the stretch marks are gone, the skin itself will look firmer, younger, and it can even help reduce discoloration.

7. Mederma.

Mederma.Mederma is widely known for the stretch mark therapy products. Why does Mederma stand out against other similar brands? Because this is one of the products that actually works and it doesn’t take two years to see results. You’ll notice a reduction in discoloration very quickly and you’ll soon be able to feel the softness of the skin beneath your fingers, which is a great sign. Mederma puts a lot of time and money into researching some of the best formulas found on the market. After research, all of their potential products are put through rigorous testing and clinical trials. This way you know everything that hits the shelf with their name on it actually works.

6. Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention.

RevitolThis is one of the more affordable and more popular stretch mark creams on the market. It is definitely one of the top stretch mark creams because it’s one of the few creams in this price range that is backed by dozens of clinical trials and studies. Revitol works to revitalize the skin by boosting your body’s production of collagen and elastin. This helps improve the strength of the skin as a whole, as well as the elasticity. Better elasticity and strength means you’re less likely to see stretch marks appear again in the future. Each time you apply the treatment, the skin seems to get healthier and healthier.

5. Derma Restore.

As the name suggests, this stretch mark cream wants to restore your skin to its previous condition before you experienced sudden weight loss, rapid growth, or pregnancy, which are the most common causes of stretch marks. It works by penetrating the many layers of the skin and supplying essential oils and nutrients that are required to repair and replace dead skin cells or damaged cells. This is very popular among people who suffer from rosacea because it contains no harmful allergens. All of their stretch mark creams are created in a top-of-line facility certified by GMP.

4. Skinception.

 SkinceptionSkinception is known for creating a lot of potent and effective skin care products, but it is their intensive stretch mark therapy that stands out the most. There products help drastically reduce visible stretch marks after a fairly short period of time. Skin is stressed during periods of growth, which can cause unsightly stretch marks to form some embarrassing places. During this time, you also produce a hormone called glucocoriticoid, which reduces the elasticity of your skin. Skinception helps restore that collagen and elastin that your hormones are fighting to destroy. You’ll notice a visible difference of the skin anywhere you apply the therapy.

3. Bio-Oil.

Bio-Oil.This next stretch mark cream isn’t actually much of a cream at all, but it is still proven to be very effective at treating stretch marks and scars. The treatment comes in an oil form, which makes it much easier to spread across the area of skin and it also makes it easier for the skin to absorb the oil and the minerals. It causes a noticeable reduction in visible scars and stretch marks after only a few applications of the oil. It is one of the few hypo-allergenic stretch mark treatments on the market.

2. Earth Mama.

If you appreciate all-natural and organic products, then you’ll definitely agree that Earth Mama Healing Salve is one of the top stretch mark creams available on the market today. It helps reduce stretch marks, while also improving the general health of your skin by supplying a ton of needed vitamins and minerals to the epidermis. It contains essential fatty acids and Vitamin C, which are both nutrients required by the skin. The focus of the Earth Mama line is to heal and repair the skin, whether it was damaged by the environment, weight gain, or surgical scars. Earth Mama is an all-natural and organic stretch cream that will get the job done.

1.TriLASTIN Maximum Strength.

TriLASTINTriLASTIN is, without a doubt, one of the best stretch mark creams out there. It was actually voted number one in a recent poll by Pregnancy and Birth Magazine.  The maximum strength variation actually utilizes twice the ingredients of the traditional formula, which is why it is twice as effective as their original treatment. Twice the ingredients means it works twice as fast as the normal stretch mark cream you might be used to already. TriLASTIN maximum strength rapidly reduces stretch marks and scar tissue faster than any other stretch mark cream. That’s exactly why it is the number one when it comes to stretch mark creams.


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