Get Rid of Stretch Marks Your Way

You just had a baby, or you just achieved a significant weight loss goal. These are monumental achievements, but unfortunately it is not uncommon for a side effect of such a milestone to be the arrival of stretch marks. These can threaten to throw a wrench into plans you have worked extremely hard to actualize, and you should never let their appearance affect your self esteem. There are a number of products that can easily give you a leg up on how to get rid of stretch marks, and besides being very effective, they are also extremely affordable! Here are some of the heaviest hitters in the skincare market for stretch marks.

Common Ingredients or Stretch Mark Creams

Many powerful creams for stretch marks include a variety of oils and vitamins. Cocoa butter is frequently an effective ingredient. In the arena of oils, ingredients can include rose hip, emu, castor, and jojoba. Many of the most popular stretch mark creams also include shea butter, and in the realm of vitamins, the magical letters are A, E, and C.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Over the Counter

Your doctor can prescribe a number of things to help with the annoyance of stretch marks, but before you consult with them, take a look at some equally powerful remedies that can be found over the counter. These medications can take any number of forms, from lotions to oils, butters, and other creams. To maximize the effectiveness of these products, try using more than one at the same time. Some popular options for how to get rid of stretchmarks are as follows:

Bella B Tummy Honey Butter

It sounds soothing, because it is. This cream manufacturer has been a mainstay in the skincare industry for years. There are a number of earlier prototypes that sooth and heal effectively, but this latest offering by these skincare experts has progressed far past those in quality.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Mustela Stretch Mark Double Action

What is unique about this brand of stretch mark cream is that it can be used before you even develop the marks. It makes the skin around the stretch mark more elastic, and fades the surrounding skin so that the stretch mark is less visible.

Intensive Concentrate for Existing Stretch Marks by Klein-Becker Strivectin-SD
Applying this very expensive product is one of the worst disadvantages of this concentrate. Three times a day for two weeks is a big commitment in skincare creams, compared to its competitors. However, if you can make it past the strict routine, the payoff can be huge. And after two months, they become even more satisfying, with dramatic reductions of the stretch mark’s length, texture, and depth.

Firm and Tone Serum, by Murad

Its ingredients read like a recipe for a weird, exotic barbecue marinade. Cayenne pepper, extract of horse nut tree, tiger’s herb. This serum verges on being slightly expensive, but has some visible effects. Many customers report having improved skin tone, a less noticeable amount of cellulite, as well as faded redness in newer stretch marks. The bad news? White stretch marks may have to stick around even after treatment. It’s more effective than that barbecue marinade would be, anyway.

Soft and Even Stretch Mark Diminishing Body Oil, by Ambi

One of the cheapest options on this list, this diminishing body oil boasts that with soybean and sweet almond oils, it can dramatically minimize the appearance of even the most stubborn stretch marks. It also requires less time than many of its peer creams (four weeks, as opposed to two months). While customer reviews suggest that the application and drying times are inconvenient, stretch marks are proven less red and rigid.

Home Remedies for How to Remove Stretch Marks

Prevention of stretch marks can be very important, but if you already have a stubborn mark or two that need removing, there are a number of home remedies that you can try with ingredients you already have. While you should make sure, of course, to talk to your doctor before trying any extreme therapies, many of these treatments have a very mild effect.

Vic’s Vapor Rub

What your mother rubbed on your chest when you were a kid is also a great tool for fighting against stretch marks. To get the best results out of it, apply it to your stretch marks with a paper towel or wash cloth, and then rub thoroughly into the stretch marks. After a few weeks, you should notice a remarkable difference, and you won’t have had to shell out big bucks for professional results.

Another great step to preventing and removing stretch marks is through exfoliating daily. Loofahs and scrunchies are the best tools for this. The dead skin removed by this process brightens your skin’s natural hue, and helps heal stretch marks naturally. Other remedies you can try at home include massage and hot baths that can help increase circulation.

Medical Procedures for Removing Stretch Marks

In the cosmetic procedure territory, microdermabrasion removes the top layer of skin, which helps quicken the process of healing stretch marks, even those with deep roots. There are also endermologie machines, which massage the skin into increasing circulation. Toxins are also expelled through this sort of procedure. Lastly, laser therapy has several different option that are non-invasive and minimize the appearance of stretch marks. If lotions and other remedies are not working, these solutions may be for you.

If you have been wracking your brain trying to find how to get rid of stretch marks, stop your worrying. There is a huge array of solutions, whether you are more inclined for all natural at home remedies, proven creams and oils, or medical procedures, spa techniques, and various laser technology that can provide deep therapy for every layer of your skin. Meet with your doctor to discuss these options, and then depending on your preferences you can make a decision that works best for you, and take the first steps to doing away with stretch marks.

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