Stretch Mark Removal

For anyone who has the funds to hand, the quickest and most effective methods of stretch mark removal can be purchased at a price from your doctor or dermatologist. Unlike the slower wait for a remedy like stretch mark cream to take effect, a surgical, laser, or microderm abrasion procedure can effect stretch mark removal almost instantaneously.

Stretch Mark Removal by Microderm Abrasion


Abrasion refers to the process of scrubbing at a surface with something rough, and in the case of microderm abrasion, very tiny crystals are used to blast the surface of the stretch mark and smooth its surface. You could picture this process as being similar to sanding a rough piece of wood, although the microderm abrasion is rather gentler than actual sandpaper. Nevertheless, it accomplishes the goal of stretch mark removal by smoothing the texture left behind by a stretch mark.

This procedure is noteworthy for being effective especially on older stretch marks, those that have faded in color from the new reddish coloration to the distinctive light or silver that is closer to the original skin tone. In some cases the coloration has faded but the track of texture remains, in which case the microderm abrasion addresses the only remaining visual trace of the stretch marks. It is also one of the least expensive routes of treatment for stretch marks, being considerably less costly than laser or surgery.

Stretch Mark Removal by Chemical Peel


Another effective method to get rid of stretch marks is the use of a chemical peel, under the care of a dermatologist or doctor. Glycolic acid is commonly used in this process, which essentially involves irritating or wounding the skin just enough to stimulate a new round of regeneration of skin cells. This process is another that is highly recommended for older stretch marks, in cases where the healing process seems to have slowed or halted.

Like the microderm abrasion, chemical peel is less costly than surgery or laser treatment, and is frequently effective in stretch mark removal through its stimulation of the body’s natural healing processes. The original action of the acid peel acts to attack some of the damaged tissues that comprise the stretch marks, and the stimulation of the body’s immune system prompts the renewal of the process of creating new skin cells. Altogether, this process can virtually erase the visible remains of old stretch marks, and at relatively small cost or risk.

Stretch Mark Removal by Laser


There are several laser procedures that can help you to get permanently rid of stretch marks, and your doctor or dermatologist can advise you as to which procedure might be most useful in your particular case. The individual particulars of the case include the age and state of the stretch marks in question, specifically whether the coloration is newer and red, or older and tending toward the light or silver coloration.

Excimer laser procedures are particularly noted for their ability to stimulate the body’s natural production of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its natural color, so in the case of an older stretch mark that is lighter in color than the surrounding skin, the laser treatment can prompt your body to produce the natural color that will return the stretch marked area to its normal tone.

Alternatively, the use of a pulsed laser therapy is recommended in some cases where the stretch marks are newer and still red. Stretch marks themselves form when the skin is stretched so tightly that the tissues actually tear in places. There is a small amount of bleeding under the skin when the tearing takes place—not enough to cause any alarm or health problems, but the sub-surface bleeding gives a new stretch mark its red or purple color. Over the course of a year or two, the damaged tissue generally fades in color to a light or silvery color. The pulsed laser therapy is useful on these newer stretch marks because it tends to remove the reddish colors, while stimulating the body to produce new skin cells as well as skin pigment. For a person who doesn’t wish to wait for the natural processes of fading, this is one of the quickest recommended procedures for stretch mark removal.

Stretch Mark Removal by Surgery

A final option for eliminating stretch marks is the use of surgery to remove the affected skin altogether. This is most common among people whose bodies show stretch marks from weight gain, with those marks remaining after the weight has been lost. Whether the weight were gained due to pregnancy or other circumstances, the stretch marks remain even after the person has trimmed down. For a person eager to be able to enjoy and show off a newly trim body, stretch marks might be the last visible and unpleasant reminder.

Surgeries like the well known “tummy tuck” involve the simple procedure of removing loose skin so the remaining skin is taut across the underlying muscle. When stretch marks are present, the damaged skin is the area that will be specifically targeted for removal. After the procedure, the patient will be without any loose folds of skin, and equally without any trace of the stretch marks that marred the area before surgery. It is a most effective method for removing your stretch marks, because you need not wait even for a healing of the stretch marks; they are gone entirely.

It is worth noting that few insurance companies will cover any of these procedures. However ugly a person’s stretch marks may be, they do not pose any threat to the health, so insurance companies categorize these treatments as merely “cosmetic” and decline to cover them. Nevertheless, the treatments are thoroughly effective and well worth the money for those who are eager to eliminate the evidence of their ravages on the body.

As you can see, there are a variety of methods effective in the matter of stretch mark removal. Whatever state your stretch marks may be, if you have the funds for one of these procedures, you can be happily rid of your stretch marks for good.


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