Reasons Stretch Mark Surgery Isn’t Always the Answer


It’s a general belief which stretch marks only show up on the skin of women that are pregnant but this particular isn’t the case.

These types of imperfections can display on anybody who is certainly going via puberty, anyone who has struggled with their weight, bodybuilders, not to mention, anticipating women.

 stretchmarkOnce you’ve got stretch marks it does not truly matter when they began showing up, exactly what matters is how you are going to cover stretch marks. Fortunately, the typical places exactly where stretch marks happen on your skin are simpler to conceal.

However, individuals may be a few of the places that you desire to show off once the going swimming season occurs.

The easiest approach to cover stretch marks is to wear clothes appropriately. In the event that stretch marks are on your own stomach, then you definitely shouldn’t wear short shirts or stomach t shirts that don’t include your tummy whenever you raise your arms.

You have to be careful about this when choosing the going swimming suit. Attempt various swimsuits until you find the one which cover stretch marks, or even buy a light-weight beach shirt with regard to wearing it in your swimsuit.

You will find costly choices that you could select while attempting to cover stretch marks.

Microderm, laser surgeries, along with other aesthetic cures might help to lessen the stretch marks. These types of treatments can cost you a lot of money, and some of these treatments take a lot of periods before they show any kind of result. There is also the additional cost of seeing a professional for that remedies, and keep in your mind you will take some time to recuperate as well.

If you’re like me, the above techniques are not really a practical option to cover| stretch marks, and personally I have had the best success along with topical ointment remedies for example lotions and natural oils. Such items not only lessen the stretch marks but also in the event that used regularly remove them completely. Be sure you follow all the instructions correctly when utilizing any type of item put on the skin.

Shea butter and cocoa butterStretch marks turn out be a good embarrassment for many people, and also the normal response is to cover all of them or conceal all of them.

But, it doesn’t matter if you are a feminine or male, most likely there is someone in your life who views a person in something other than a complete entire body match. There are certain things you can apply to cover stretch marks.

You can also try using cocoa butter with regard to hiding your own stretch marks. However this process will take period. Applying cacao butter every single day can help cover stretch marks and can eliminate them gradually. You will see a few apparent alter after utilizing it for 2 months however this time differs from person to person.

There are several other treatments that you could affect the skin to cover stretch marks.

Sesame seed essential oil and olive oil have proved to be effective for many people. These options are also not really quick like cocoa butter but nonetheless worth considering. While using the these methods will take a few trial and error, you should use an established topical therapy because the most practical way to cover stretch marks as well as get you to putting on a swimsuit with comfort and ease with no shame.

During pregnancy most women feel happy and content because they know a small wonder is coming in their life. What they may not know is that they will need stretch mark treatment very soon; after the birth of the baby to be specific.

pregnancy stretch marksStretch marks are one of the prolonged postnatal problems all women face. Girls in the fields of modeling or acting often regard childbirth as a stop to their career only because of these stretch marks.

But why should one sacrifice either career or the pride of becoming mother for stretch marks when there are many solutions that remove these ugly lines completely?

Stretch marks can be removed? Yes of course. There are a lot of remedies that lighten stretch mark. You can remove stretch marks and get back the previous skin texture any time. Before delving more into the topic, let us learn the common causes of stretch marks and how they are formed.

Stretch marks are scars that are caused by excessive stretching of the skin. The most common places for them to appear are places on the body that excessive fat or muscle can build up such as the breasts, abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

A stretch mark is considered an injury to the skin since the connective tissue will rupture after the skin stretches and forms a pinkish or violet like color on the skin.

are done to get rid of these stretch marks because they can be emotionally draining for the person afflicted with them. There are many stretch mark removal procedures available as of the moment. Stretch marks can be removed with a natural skin care treatment, Stretch mark cream, laser treatment or stretch mark surgery.

One way of stretch mark removal is with natural skin care treatment. It’s the diet and regular light exercise that can help you attain a healthy skin. Drinking plenty of water, 8 or more glasses of water a day, is enough to keep the skin soft and elastic thus making the skin likely to be affected by stretch marks.

healthy foods for skinEating of foods that promote healthy skin and weight loss (e.g. eggs, milk, avocados, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, blackberries, mangoes, fish, and nuts) can also help avoid stretch marks.

Another way of stretch mark removal is by applying a stretch mark cream. A serious way of getting rid of stretch marks is to use a guaranteed-effective stretch mark cream advised by a trusted dermatologist.

All you need to do is apply the cream on the spot where the stretch marks are. Apply the cream to the stretch mark for a number of times a day. Continue doing this for a week or so and then you will see that the stretch marks disappear.

If the two mentioned above does not apply to you and you have some money, the last resort of stretch mark removal would be by laser treatment or by surgery. This procedure obviously needs a lot of money but guaranteed high success rate.

This is the most conventional and consistently effective technique available. The success rate of any stretch mark removal treatment will be greatly affected by the skin tone, age, and even the diet of the patient. But there is one drawback to this procedure, that is, it involves a longer recovery time.

Different stretch mark treatments are available; the result may depend on the age, skin texture and food habit of the receiver. Maintain a healthy diet full of Vitamin A and C, zinc, protein and other elements that boost skin health. Also drink lots of water as water keeps your skin soft. To lighten stretch marks, you can use stretch mark removal creams and lotions. Consult a physician to know what method is good for you.

water drinking for skinSummary: Stretch marks develop in those parts of the body where fat deposition is high. They can develop during pregnancy, obesity, puberty or rapid muscle growth. Men and women both are susceptible to stretch marks.

Healthy diet can help you avoid stretch marks. Try stretch mark treatment to remove those ugly marks.

There are four reasons why you got those stretch marks – heredity, rapid weight changes, skin type, and poor nutrition. If the cause is heredity, you cannot escape from stretch marks; you will eventually have them whether you like it or not. But the severity can be lessened if you know what to do.

Rapid weight gain during puberty and pregnancy are the culprits that cause them to appear on the belly, thighs, arms, and butt. Poor eating habits mostly gorging on burgers and fries do not provide you with the skin-nourishing nutrients hasten the appearance of stretch marks if you are prone to have them and if you gain a little weight.

These can also be a combination of heredity, pregnancy, and poor nutrition. Whatever the cause, there is a specific remedy for you. If you opt for surgical treatment, over-the-counter-cure, or go on a weight-loss-and-exercise regimen, that will be fine; but you can use a combination treatments.

Options for Stretch Mark Treatments

A stretch mark remedy that works for someone else, does not necessarily mean it will be effective for you. This has to do with the type of stretch marks you have and their severity. If your stretch marks are running awry, you have to consider seeing your dermatologist who can recommend the best cosmetic solution for you.

Laser Stretch Marks TreatmentsCosmetic surgery for removal includes laser surgery, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. In dermabrasion, the area is anesthetized and a very fine scraping tool is used to scrape the tissues.

After the procedure, you will feel a burning sensation on the treated area. Side effects like infections, uneven coloring and darkening of the skin may occur.

With chemical peeling, the appearance of stretch marks is minimized. After the procedure, you might experience abnormal skin color but this will eventually disappear with the post-treatment applications the dermatologist will recommend. Chemical peeling is not recommended for dark-skinned patients though.

Over-the-counter lotions and creams are also prescribed by dermatologists. If you are pregnant or taking medication these should be avoided; you might also have allergies with some of the ingredients used so take note of their contents.

Diet and exercise are natural treatments that won’t give you any bad side-effects. Of course, these require hard work and dogged determination. But there are simple exercises you can do if the idea of gym workouts is not your type.

Do understand that these treatments won’t make your stretch marks disappear overnight, but there are safe and effective stretch mark remedy options that can help you. You can’t quite explain how it happened; you just know it did. Almost overnight, your skin went from supple to saggy. You morphed from glowing to stretch marked.

pregnancy exerciseIf, in the old days, you could get away with wearing anything, even a string pretending to be a piece of clothing, now you have to carefully choose your wardrobe, picking out the ones that best hide your stretch marks.

Yes, stretch marks are ugly; and yes, there’s a good reason – several, in fact – women spend many a waking moment contemplating stretch marks removal.

But wait! Stretch marks removal? Is this even possible? Do stretch marks removal methods exist?

Skin and Stress

Skin is elastic. It can tolerate significant stretching over time. At some point, however, the skin reaches its breaking point. When it does, the deepest layer of the skin tears. Subsequently, the overlying skin becomes thin and streaky, even though it remains intact. These streaks are what you know as stretch marks. Once stretch marks occur, there is no turning back. Stretch marks are ugly, and they’re permanent.

So, is stretch marks removal possible? Some claim it is, citing laser treatment as the most effective way to remove stretch marks. There is no substantial research to support this claim, however. Some patients who have undergone stretch marks removal via laser procedure report improvements; others claim otherwise.

Slowly but Surely with Creams and Oils

Stretch Mark Removal CreamsYour safest bet, where stretch marks are concerned, is to aim for improvement rather than absolute stretch marks removal. In recent years, many creams and oils have been created to remedy stretch marks.

These products are easily available in stores and do wonders for the skin, from forming it up to making surface marks appear less livid. Then there are the prescription creams that reduce the redness in newly formed stretch marks.

These creams may not be able to accomplish stretch marks removal, but by reducing the redness on new marks, they prevent prominent scarring.


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