Treatment for Stretch Marks

If you are among the millions of people afflicted with stretch marks on your skin, you may be understandably bewildered by the wide array of marketed treatment for stretch marks. What types of treatments are the best remedies for stretch marks, and what should you invest in for yourself? Without getting into discussion of specific brands or marketers, the following information will help you know what to look for as you decide on your own preferred treatment for stretch marks.

Treatment for Stretch Marks: Hydration

To begin with, the single most important component of any treatment for stretch marks is its ability to hydrate your skin. Your biology at a cellular level absolutely requires the presence of adequate water in order for your cells to function to their full capacity, In the case of your skin, this applies specifically to the ability to create new skin cells and to repair the damaged ones at the site of a stretch mark.

You have probably already observed how differently your skin behaves when it has gotten too dry. If you let your skin get too dry, it can even begin to crack open in spots. Probably most of the time you don’t let it get to that point because you use lotion or moisturizer to hydrate your skin, but if you have ever experienced chapped lips, you know first-hand how the dryness of skin can affect its ability to do what it was designed to do.

This biological principle applies at the site of stretch marks too. You may not think your skin is visibly or noticeably dry in the area of your stretch marks, but keep in mind that we are talking about the cellular level of function, and your skin cells may be insufficiently hydrated even if they are not visibly cracking or dry. The very best thing you can do to allow your skin to heal itself is to ensure that your cells are thoroughly and consistently hydrated.

To this end, the regular application of any type of moisturizer is decidedly useful to your body’s efforts to heal and mend itself. Using a lotion or cream on your stretch marks, even as often as several times a day, can ensure that your skin cells can go on doing what they are naturally programmed to do: heal themselves, reproduce themselves and repair the damaged area.

If you combine moisturizing properties with some additional ingredients, you will be providing your own body with just the compounds it needs to achieve an effective job of repair.

Treatment for Stretch Marks: Nutrition

Second only to hydration, your body needs particular nutrients in order to rebuild fresh skin at a damaged area like a stretch mark. As you consider any specific stretch mark cream for personal use, you will want one that hydrates your skin, and also delivers some of these necessary nutrients.

The skin is a remarkable organ with remarkable capabilities. One of these is its ability to absorb nutrients through its surface. When we speak of providing nutrition to your skin, be aware that this can be accomplished by two means. The first, of course, is through your own nutrition and diet. If you have sufficient internal nutrients, your blood stream can deliver those to the sites where they are needed—specifically repair sites like your stretch marks. The other method for delivering nutrients utilizes your skin’s ability to absorb nutrients from the outside. You can doubly ensure that your stretch marks have the rebuilding materials they need by providing those nutrients externally.

A good treatment for stretch marks will hydrate the site while also providing the needed nutrients for repair. In your own choice of a treatment, you just need to know what those nutrients are so you can select a useful remedy.

Needed Nutrients for Skin Repair

As you make a choice of a treatment for stretch marks, the specific ingredients you want to look for are the nutrients that will be of most help to your skin in its job of natural repair. These ingredients include:

  • Vitamin E: Combined with Vitamin A, this essential nutrient is one of the top needs for skin that is undergoing repair.
  • Vitamin A: This vitamin is directly involved in skin repair and skin maintenance.
  • Silica: This mineral helps your body to build strong connective tissue like the collagen that gives your skin its elastic properties.
  • Zinc: Not only does zinc help to regulate your skin’s ability to stay hydrated, but it is also a key element in the function of your immune system in repairing damaged tissues.
  • Omega3 fatty acids: These compounds are another necessary ingredient in keeping your skin hydrated and elastic, and in enabling it to repair itself.
  • Selenium: This antioxidant can prevent and repair damage to tissues, and is another component critical for skin’s elastic properties.

Look for a treatment for stretch marks that includes all of these nutrients, and you can be assured that your skin has exactly what it needs to go to work on the job of repairing your stretch marks.

Give the Process Time


Ours may be a culture of instant gratification, and people are often impatient for instant results. Short of zapping your stretch marks with a laser, however, it is not going to be an instantaneous process. Providing the proper hydration and nutrition will enable your skin to get rid of stretch marks on its own, using your own body’s natural processes of healing and repair.

Applying an external treatment for stretch marks will measurably speed up this process, which would be slowed or halted if the cells were unable to perform their natural functions due to lack of the necessary nutrients. You will need to have some patience, however, because this natural biological process does take time. If you treated only some of your stretch marks, you would see over time how effective your treatment is, due to the advanced healing of the treated sites. But you needn’t take such measures, when all your skin will thank you for providing what it needs.



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