How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks: Different Solutions to Deal with the Issue


Most women would get confused of what to do when they suffer from stretch marks. It is pretty normal if they want to try medical or surgical options, but there are several options if they want to get rid of stretch marks safely, naturally, and effectively. They may have to spend quite some time for the result, but it is worth the time and also the efforts.

Instead of trying the medical or surgical options, considering natural substances will help dealing with the issue. Granted that they may have to wait for the result to appear, but such methods are usually safer and more natural, so they won’t have to worry about the possibility of side effects. This is how to get rid of stretch marks by using natural methods:

– Use moisturizer on daily basis. Be sure to use moisturizer with the best ingredients or substance. When people use moisturizer regularly, they can improve the elasticity of the skin and appearance. When stretching happens, the tissue won’t easily be torn off so there won’t be any scars visible. Apply the lotion on the stretch mark or the area where the stretch mark may happen. People can make their own home remedy moisturizer by combining aloe vera, olive oil, and wheat germ oil.

– Use the creams containing Retin-A. Based on study, Retin-A can really improve the skin condition as well as its elasticity. It can improve the collagen production that would strengthen the skin elasticity. However, pregnant women should avoid using Retin-A products and the items can only be purchased by prescription.

– Use Glycolic Acid. It has the same function as the Retin-A, but it has different traits. Unlike the Retin-A, Glycolic Acid can be used by pregnant women and can be purchased easily through over the counter method.

– Use Vitamin E oil. It would be better to use the skin moisturizer containing vitamin E since it can really improve the skin condition. Be sure to choose products with unscented variant.

If people want to get rid of stretch marks with medical or surgical options, there are several possible solutions, such as:

– Pulsing dye laser for new stretch marks. When the stretch mark is still in its ‘redness’ stages – it hasn’t turned into silver scar – this laser treatment is the best option. However, it is expensive and it can’t be applied to dark skin women.

– Fractional laser option for older stretch marks. It would make the skin surface become smooth and it can be applied on small region of the skin. But it is also costly.

– Tummy tuck procedure. One of the best possibilities to make the scar go away – especially around the abdominal area – is through tummy tuck procedure. Women can get rid of the unwanted fat deposit while removing the scars altogether. But be sure to know the possible risks as well as the huge cost.

Basically, there are different types of options when people want to get rid of stretch marks. They can try natural options or the medical ones. Be sure they know the advantages and also the risks when undergoing the treatments.


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