Stretch Mark Treatments

Stretch marks are formed as a result of the skin and breaking or tearing. This breaking in the skin forms in the dermis layer of the skin and is what forms the stretch marks. Stretch marks often occur as a result of pregnancy and hormonal changes, rapid weight gain and also rapid weight loss, normal growing and diseases such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Cushing syndrome cause stretch marks to occur more frequently. Stretch marks often occur on the abdomen area, the thighs, the bottom and also in some people in the upper arms, hips and breasts.

Stretch marks may vary in color and appearance such as red marks which are likely to be fresh while older stretch marks may be silver or white in color. Fresh stretch marks are easier to treat and improve their appearance as compared to older stretch marks. Genetics also play a part in the occurrence of stretch marks as people whose parents and other relatives have stretch marks will also more likely get them. Stretch marks are also more prevalent in older people as opposed to younger people because of a decrease in collage and elastin production, people with dry skin will get stretch marks more as compared to people with oily skin. This is because dry skin is more prone to tears than oily skin. People who take steroid based medication are also more likely to get stretch marks.

There are many types of stretch mark treatments that are available that include laser treatments, skin peels, stretch mark creams and gels and collagen injections. Laser treatments for stretch marks are of different types such as carbon dioxide laser treatments, pulsed dye laser and vascular removal laser treatments among others. The way laser treatments work to remove stretch marks is that the micro light beams produced by the laser are directed to the skin so that the light beams case the skin to heal and in the process, new tissue is created which causes the stretch marks to improve in appearance. This treatment causes stretch marks to fade in color, reduce in size and the skin is smoother.

The benefits of using laser treatments for stretch marks are that the results are obvious and it takes a short time to see an improvement of the appearance of the stretch marks while you do not need plenty of recovery time. However, the treatments can be costly especially if you need to go for a number of sessions and there may be some side effects such as hyper or hypo pigmentation.

There is also plastic surgery available whereby the surgeon will cut off the skin that is affected by the stretch marks. This treatment is not viable for all areas of the body. This method is expensive, it will require plenty of recovery time and there may be scarring. However, the results are impressive and permanent.

Collagen injections on the stretch marks are another type of stretch marks treatment. Collagen will fade the stretch marks because it promotes the growth of new and youthful skin. This type of treatment is costly since you have to be injected with large amounts of collagen to be able to see the results. The treatment also does not last very long. This is because once the collagen wears off the stretch marks become visible again.

Microdermabrasion and skin peels are another form of stretch marks treatments. This is where chemicals, in the case of skin peels, are used to peel off the old skin so that new skin that is smoother and clearer is produced. In microdermabrasion, the skin that has been affected by stretch marks is sanded off using sand crystals or other similar coarse materials so as to smooth the stretch marks ad the skin around them so the appearance is improved. Mirodermabrasion also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for younger and smoother skin in the areas under treatment.

One of the most popular stretch marks treatments methods is the use of stretch mark creams. This mode of treatment takes a while to see the results but it is also cost efficient especially compared with other treatment methods. Stretch mark creams contain ingredients and that are designed to fade the appearance of the stretch marks, those that will help the skin to grow smoother skin or smooth the skin, they may also make the skin tone more even so that the stretch marks are less obvious. The most common ingredients used are Vitamin C as it increases and stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, Vitamin E which also promotes collagen production and heals the skin, Retin-A which helps in collagen production and prevents the formation of stretch marks because it makes the skin supple so it can stretch without tearing and glycolic acid which also works to increase collagen production and prevent skin tearing in the dermis layer.

The other ingredients that are used in stretch mark creams are wheat germ oil which works well especially for new stretch marks, Tretinoin which stimulates collagen production and some retinoids such as Renova and Differin. Sometimes the ingredients may be combined so that the cream works better. There are natural ingredients that are used such as oils which may be olive, almond and other oils. These are thought to improve the texture and appearance of the stretch marks and also prevent the formation of others because they prevent new tears in the skin.

Another natural ingredient may be aloe vera which may improve the appearance of stretch marks since aloe vera cells are similar to skin cells which promotes the development of new, smooth skin. It also helps to fade the appearance of stretch marks so that they are not as obvious. Natural products are thought to be the best as they do not cause adverse reactions and irritations. When using a skin cream for stretch marks, it is important to use it as recommended so as to see the results. Most creams take on average twelve weeks to show results.


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