Effective ways of getting rid of stretch marks


Stretch marks are one the unwanted scars on the skin after a pregnancy or weight gain period. They come about when the skin stretches beyond its limits. They can be quite defined or almost invisible which varies from person to person. However, getting rid of stretch marks is possible and effective through harmless ingredients that can be found in lotions. You can also find the ingredients readily available over the counter. One is required to be very careful as many lotions state that they help get rid of stretch marks but actually don’t. The secret to knowing which product helps in getting rid of stretch marks and which one doesn’t is simply by being keen on the contents.

Cocoa Butter

This product can be found in lotions or by itself and is believed to be very effective in getting rid of and preventing stretch marks. It works by keeping your skin soft and elastic which is an important factor to consider in preventing stretch marks.

Vitamin E and C

These are very important vitamins which play a major role in keeping your skin collagen strong and sufficient. This is important as it prevents your skin from breaking after stretching which eventually leads to stretch marks. This is also a great measure to be considered in preventing stretch marks in the first place.


This is a very effective ingredient when it comes to getting rid of stretch marks. It reduces the visibility of the stretch marks over time. Retin-A is greatly known for effective production of collagen which increases the elasticity of the skin. It helps guard against the skin breaking out in the process of stretching; if used consistently, it completely gets rid of the scars leaving your skin even through out the body.

Wheat germ oil

This is a home remedy that has proven to get rid of stretch marks in the early stages. It is therefore advisable to try and rub it on the scars as soon as one notices them. This is because it is effective then rather than later when they have already appeared.

Glycolic acid

This is an alpha hydroxy acid that works on stretch marks by fading them away and promoting collagen production. This should however be under a doctor’s supervision as high amounts can be harmful to the skin. The severity of the stretch marks determines the amount of glycolic acid needed.

Blood circulation

In most cases, stretch marks can be as a result of poor blood circulation. Ensuring that your body receives proper blood circulation although especially during pregnancy will help reduce the effects of stretch marks. This can be done by soaking in warm water and massaging the most likely places affected by stretch marks. These are; the abdomen, thighs and arms. The massaging should be gentle though and would be better if performed by a professional.

Getting rid of stretch marks is possible but would be better if prevented in the first place. Prevention would however be possible in cases like pregnancy when one knows the skin would definitely stretch. Under medical supervision, a qualified doctor would be in a better position to prescribe proven lotions which are effective and safe especially during pregnancy. With this at hand, getting rid of stretch marks becomes possible.


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