How do you prevent stretch marks

Skinception StretchmarkStretch marks are the most important problems faced by almost all women who have given birth to a baby. Stretch marks follow a woman when she becomes pregnant and they stay until delivery. Many women carry the stretch even after the delivery. This is one of the most important problems that affect the beauty of the women. The most common part of the body in which the stretch marks appear is the stomach of the woman. But still there are other parts of the body where the stretch marks appear. They are breasts, waist, neck and back, but still stretch marks on the abdomen are most widely disputed and targeted parts of the body where the stretch marks appear. Our aim here is to prevent the stretch marks by proper diet and other ways that help to reduce or completely remove the stretch marks. In most of the cases, it is possible to prevent stretch marks just by following proper diet. Let us see how does this happen. So let us try how do you prevent stretch marks.

1) Eat a diet that nourishes the skin: This is the first and foremost thing you should keep in your mind. There are several different food items that help you to prevent your skin from getting stretch marks. The most important ones among them are fruits and vegetables. There are many different kinds of fruits and vegetables that help to keep your skin soft and shining. Apple, banana, grapes, orange and other fruits help in maintaining the skin in proper condition. All these fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They are all very much essential for keeping the skin in good condition. This is how do you prevent stretch marks by diet.

2) The important components that a healthy skin requires are given here. Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti oxidants. These anti oxidants help to save the skin from UV rays and other carcinogenic free radicals. The most important anti oxidants are vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin K. besides them, vitamin E is also very important health product that is required for keeping the skin in healthy condition. Spinach, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry are the important fruits that are rich in anti oxidants. Along with them, nuts like avocado seeds, almond seeds and other dry fruits are also used as skin conditioning food items because they are full of vitamins and other anti oxidants. So fruits and vegetables help you to learn how do you prevent stretch marks.

3) Some fruits and vegetables can be eaten with whole skin. Such vegetables can be eaten with their whole skin. Cucumber, sweet potatoes and potatoes are the most important vegetables with edible skin. Even the skin of the vegetables is also rich in vitamins and other anti oxidants. Along with that, they are full of dietary fibers also. They help in cleansing the bowels and thereby reduce help in preventing stretch marks on the skin.

4) Fats are usually hated by everyone, but one has to always remember that there are mainly two types of fats namely good fats (Mono and Poly unsaturated fatty acids) and bad fats (saturated fatty acids). Among them, good fats are very much essential for the health of the heart. If the percentage of bad fats increases in the blood increase, that gives rise to heart attacks, but here we are not discussing about heart problems. Bad fats are also very dangerous as far as the stretch marks are concerned. If you are obese, stretch marks occur on your body more frequently than they were to occur if you were not obese. So avoid the stretch marks as much as possible by avoiding fatty foods. But remember to consume good fats in limited quantities. Good fat comes from dry fruits like almond, avocado and many other dry fruits. So fats are also the important components of food if you want to know how do you prevent stretch marks.

5) Water is another important component of food which helps to prevent stretch marks on the skin. Many women suffer from stretch marks because they avoid drinking water. Some of them drink very less water every day, but in fact more than 3-4 liters of water is required for the healthy life of a woman. How does water help in preventing stretch marks? This is really a question that many people are unable to answer. But water acts as a cleansing agent who removes the toxins from our blood and other body parts. Hence it is regarded as the best stretch mark removing diet component as in many cases, these free radicals and toxins that are responsible for stretch marks. Water also helps in how do you prevent stretch marks.

6) Many women don’t breastfeed their children. They believe that breastfeeding the children affect the health of the breasts and the beauty of breasts. But this is a totally wrong concept. Actually breastfeeding helps women in many ways. Researchers have proved that the women who don’t breastfeed their children are highly likely to suffer from stretch marks. Usually stretch marks appear during pregnancy, but for the women who don’t breastfeed their children, the stretch marks remain lifelong, but for the women who breastfeed their children, they gradually disappear and woman looks even younger. So if you want to get rid of the stretch marks, regularly breastfeed your child. That is good for the health of both woman as well as her child. So don’t forget breastfeeding your baby for silly reasons and misconceptions.

7) Avoid drinking and smoking. These two are the deadliest habits that affect the health of a human being in many different ways. In earlier days, women were not drinking and smoking, but nowadays even the women are also smoking. Tobacco is one of the highly dreaded carcinogens these days. So if you are drinking and smoking, it is better to quit the habit as soon as possible. Nicotine, which is the deadliest carcinogen present in tobacco, is responsible for stretch marks as it affects the collagen layer beneath the skin and in fact it is this collagen layer that is responsible for the toughness and shining of the skin. So destruction of collagen affects the elasticity of skin and hence it causes stretch marks on the skin. So this is one of the most important things that you have to remember about how do you prevent stretch marks.


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