Treatment for stretch marks that can be done at home

There are some treatment for stretch marks which can be performed at home particularly because stretch marks and the scarring can be unsightly and embarrassing. Actually these marks are because of fast physical change and spurts in height and weight. The skin and the tissues turn scarred and they can visible at any place of the body that creates hiding them hard. But you need not want to be fret because there are certain treatments for stretch marks are available which you can avail to your home. It can be expensive when you would select dermatological choice in treating these marks which is why treatments from home are the best choice for you.

Natural oil is very effective in treating stretch marks. The skin requires to be maintain moisturized hence that the skin will contain high level of elasticity, hence, these marks can vanish in the course of time The natural oil which you can use for removing stretch marks are baby oil, olive oil and vitamin E oil. These oils are effective in the treatment of stretch marks. Particularly baby oil is efficient in moisturizing the skin creating it a best choice for prevention in the scars growth. Treatment and prevention is possible by using olive oil and vitamin E oil. First one olive oil contains oleic acid like its active ingredient, that is good moisturizer and also facilitate skin regeneration.

Vitamin E oil is renowned to remove scars and help in the skin improvement. Aloe Vera is another choice for treating your stretch marks. It has been availed traditionally like the natural solution for the skin. There are different kinds of prescription creams available that are best in decreasing these marks. These creams assist to support the skin renewal and the skin growth. This procedure starts to work slowly like three to four weeks. You can also see best results in few months. A chemical peel is a method; in this procedure an acid mixture is applied to the affected area to eliminate the top layers of the skin. Through eliminating them, patients can be able to reveal fresh layers. It assists to enhance the marks through eliminating the layers which are highly affected.

Usually more than one visit to get this treatment is required. People who suffer from these marks may select to get a laser surgery to develop the skin appearance. This method is same as chemical peel procedure, because it assists through eliminating the affected skin in the body. But this method uses a specialized laser, rather than acid mixture which is performed in the chemical peel method to eliminate the top layers. Patients who select laser surgery treatment for stretch marks may have to get several treatments to attain the desired results. More over the benefit of selecting this treatment is that the laser is safer to avail on the skin and will remove the risk of scarring. So compare the pros and cons of different treatment for stretch marks before choosing one to get rid these ugly marks.

Treatment for stretch marks is based on the severity of the marks

Want to know about treatment for stretch marks? Stretch marks takes place when skin is compelled to stretch quickly than it can develop. These white or pink scar lines usually visible with a slight change in muscle mass, weight or size that happens with high weight gain, weight lifting or pregnancy. Stretch marks began like injured skin which appears such as red or pink lines. When these marks heal, they started to take on a white, silver or grayish color which always contains puckered corners. Laser treatment for stretch marks hide or remove the marks through sending a focus of energy waves on the skin. The radio or light waves stimulate the components of the skin which causes it to develop and strengthen. It causes the skin to store under these marks hence that it fills in and appears like the rest of the skin.

The effects of the laser treatment are usually thought to be permanent but many treatments may be required to attain the preferred results. Resurfacing treatments may be required to make sure the surface of the skin is smooth. Surgical methods like abdominoplasty are permanent solution to get relief of these unattractive marks. This kind of treatment for stretch marks is when a surgeon tightens the skin and eliminates the segment of the skin affected through scaring. This kind of surgery can contain a long term recovery, but this kind of treatment for stretch marks is long lasting to remove these marks with one time treatment. There are certain things to be considered with surgical treatment for stretch marks. The area of the marks will highly determine about the marks can be eliminated and about the level have to be treated with other methods.

The capacity of the body to heal and sensible condition to anesthetic is a major aspect in determining whether it is suitable choice or not for that particular individual. Chemical peels avails substances like beta hydroxyl, alpha hydroxyl or retinoic acids to eliminate the outside layers of the skin. If the chemical is strongly applied, the layers of the skin will be eliminated more. Dermabrasion method avails an abrasive material like aluminum oxide to eliminate the outside layers of the skin. The reason under these kinds of treatment for stretch marks is that these methods will eliminate the scarred layers of skin. But sometimes due to the depth of lot of stretch marks, both these treatments reduce the visible scars only. But at the same time, this type of treatment for stretch marks is good on small or superficial stretch marks.

Mesotherapy procedure avails a set of needles from the injection gun to place a particular personalized combination of medicines, amino acids, minerals and vitamins straightly in to the tissue on the stretch marks. These materials are availed to remove toxins from the body, enhance the health and motivate elastin and collagen production. The success of different treatment for stretch marks is mainly based on the place and severity of the marks. You should also consult your doctor whether your body condition is suitable for these kinds of treatment for stretch marks if you have stretch marks on your skin.