3 Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast


In medical science, stretch mark is called striae. It is a type of the skin scarring which affects the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. At first, the scar comes in purple or red lines. However, it will turn to silver-pink in few years. In this case, women are the most frequent group affected by the stretch marks. During period of pregnancy, the stretch marks usually occur. The scientific observation has shown that 70% till 90% of pregnant women have the scarring. It happens around 7th month of pregnancy. However, they don’t have to be scared. There are several ways which can get rid of stretch marks fast.

Possibly, there might not be found the other safest ways to fade the stretch marks away except diet. In medical science, there are several vitamins and minerals which play an essential role in skin repair and rejuvenation. Consuming vitamins A, C, E, and D are the best way to support the skin repair. They are important vitamins to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. On the other side, magnesium, potassium, and zinc are critical minerals to rejuvenate the skin. As the other options, consuming green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds, yogurt, butter, grass fed meat and nuts can help the skin for repairing process as well. These are some foods which deserve to eat as stretch marks removal foods.

Another way which can be tried is doing exercise. It might sound ridiculous. Many people believe that exercise can gain muscle or lose the weight. Nevertheless, it is weird for them to believe that exercise can make the stretch marks less visible. In fact, exercise can truly do what the stretch mark removals do. By doing exercise, people will tone the muscle around the area in which there is stretch mark. This is the way in which the stretch marks can be faded away. Some suggested exercises are walking and leg lifts with the reason there are many stretch marks found in the leg. Actually, a kind of exercise has to be suited with the area of stretch marks. Therefore, exercise should not be considered as trivial activity. It can be an effective effort to get rid of stretch marks fast.

This option can be a promising way to vanish the stretch marks from the skin. It is cream or lotion. The market has been crowded by the stretch mark removals. Even, applying cream is more popular than the other treatments for instance consuming vitamins and minerals, or doing exercise. Some essential ingredients are applied in this cream such as Xanthan Gum, allantoin, and PEG-4. These are usual active ingredients found in most of stretch mark removal creams. In addition, easiness might be another reason why this kind of treatment is getting popular. By applying the cream, people don’t need to spend much more time to heal the stretch marks. Their daily activities will not be disturbed with this treatment either.

These are some treatments to get rid of stretch marks fast. All these treatments can be done at home. Moreover, people can choose one of these treatments without any special guidance from the expert. It can be held easily.


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