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MedermaStretch Marks are those narrow lines that would develop on the skin surface. The most affected areas on the body are the buttocks, thighs and the abdomen.

This condition usually occurs, when the skin is suddenly stretched and the dermis or the middle layer of the skin is broken.

The dermis is naturally stretchable and when this happens, the deeper layers of the skin, would show through.

This would usually happen during pregnancy, during a sudden loss of weight and with sudden growth spurts during puberty.

Stretch marks are normally reddish or purple colored lines, and would turn to silver-white color with time.

However depending on the skin color of the bearer, it could take a more brownish or black color too.

Initially, these lines may be raised and wrinkly. But with time they may flatten out and become like a line. They would appear as parallel lines in your body and would look like a scar.

Stretch marks would usually develop, where more fat is stored in the body. The abdomen, buttocks, thighs, breasts, shoulders and upper arms are the main regions, where they would appear on a regular basis.

Having too much of the Cortisol hormone in the blood, also could be a reason for stretch marks. These marks are wider and larger and would normally appear on the face.

There are several causes of stretch marks. Some of them are discussed below.


Information_on_Stretch_Mark_Removal_Creams-299x300During pregnancy, the body would produce hormones and soften the ligaments in the pelvis, in order to facilitate and make this area flexible for birth.

Some stretch marks would fade as the time passes, but not all of these marks would fade away.

Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss, both of these conditions could create stretch marks on the skin. These stretch marks would not fade away easily.


The body develops very quickly during this phase. This would result in leaving stretch marks on the skin.

Stretch marks cannot be prevented altogether. But, maintaining a healthy weight would keep you in good stead in preventing stretch marks from appearing on the skin.

Rapid weight gain and rapid weight loss should be avoided and a healthy weight should be targeted always.

Massaging the skin and keeping it well moisturized could also help in preventing stretch marks.

Eating a healthy, balanced meal is of utmost importance in maintaining a healthy skin.

Vitamin C & E, Zinc and Silicon are very important in this regard. Following these tips could ensure a skin that is healthy and having a minimum of stretch marks.

Stretch marks could be treated with creams, gels and lotions. Most of these creams, gels or lotions are skin moisturizers and are available in most of the pharmacies and drug stores.

There are numerous creams available for this purpose and most of them are produced using natural herbal ingredients.

These creams are effective in improving the elasticity of the skin and nourishes the skin. They would help the skin to be moisturized and look vibrant and healthy.

An effective stretch mark cream would help to tone the skin, improve the skin texture and softness, protect the skin against future stretch marks, reduce the appearance of red and silver stretch marks, helps to firm the skin, moisturizes the skin and fade away stubborn stretch marks.

Most of the stretch mark cream articles on the web would highlight the above mentioned features of an effective stretch mark cream.

There are numerous stretch mark cream articles on the net, reviewing some of the most effective and popular brands of stretch mark creams.

They would highlight the pros and cons of these brands and give testimonials from satisfied customers, who have used the particular stretch mark cream effectively to get rid of stretch marks for good.

These reviews are unbiased and would be helpful to anyone, who wish to use the particular stretch mark cream, in order to remove stretch marks effectively.

Most of these stretch mark cream articles would list the effective natural ingredients, used in these creams.

These ingredients are herbal in nature, and there are no unwanted side effects of using these stretch mark creams to get rid of stretch marks for good.


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