How to Remove Stretch Marks

If a sudden growth spurt of some bodily area has left you with stretch marks, it is understandable that you are interested in the relevant question of how to remove stretch marks. You will be glad to know that there are numerous remedies for stretch marks, even for people whose means are financially limited.

Can’t afford an expensive and uninsured plastic surgery or laser treatment? Not to worry! Find out how to remove stretch marks without expending a great deal of money or exposing yourself to any health risks.

How to Remove Stretch Marks Yourself

Unlike other cosmetic issues like a crooked nose, you do not need the help of a physician to get rid of stretch marks. The most effective and natural approaches to be rid of stretch marks can be achieved with a very small budget, and without the need for a prescription pad.

Consider what your own body needs to reconstruct areas of skin. Primarily, the skin cells need sufficient nutrition to provide the essential building blocks to create fresh new skin cells. Combine this with proper hydration to enable the cells to function fully, and sometimes a stimulant to get the immune system working hard again on healing, and you have your answer of how to remove stretch marks. At its simplest, the process of stretch mark removal involves providing your skin with moisture and nutrients, and giving your own immune system a nudge. Read on to find out how this works.

Begin With Moisture

Your biological organs require a critical liquid in order to carry out their necessary functions. Luckily for all of us, that critical liquid is readily available. In a word, it is water. We humans are made up almost two-thirds of water, and our cells and tissues and organs need that water in order to function. Your skin is actually an organ in its own right, just like your heart or lungs or liver. It carries out specific functions and biological activities, including the remarkable ability to heal and rebuild itself.

If you want to minimize the onset of stretch marks or start the healing process for existing stretch marks, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your skin cells have enough water to enable them to work at their maximum capacity. Using a moisturizer multiple times each day can help you to stave off potential stretch marks during a period of growth. It is also an essential step toward eliminating existing stretch marks.

Goose Your Immune System


In cases where quick growth has stretched the skin beyond its capacity to expand, stretch marks show the areas where the skin has torn to some extent, and had to patch up the damaged sites. If your skin could think or talk, it might tell you that its main purpose is to keep your insides on the inside, and to make sure the bad guys like harmful germs can’t get to your precious inner organs. With this “mission statement” in mind, perhaps you can forgive your skin for being satisfied with simply making sure that stretch marks aren’t open tears in the skin. From a biological standpoint, this damaged area is perfectly functional, and there is no need for further repair. After all, your skin isn’t programmed to worry about how you look.

Your brain disagrees, however, which is why you want to know how to remove stretch marks. You would prefer to do without these unsightly stretches of damaged tissue, so you will need to let your skin know that its repair job is not done. The way to do this may not seem like the intuitively obvious course of action, but in fact it works. You need to mildly re-injure the damaged sites where stretch marks are making their presence bothersome. Doing so will cause your immune system to rush to the sight, just like a volunteer fire department to a brush fire. Your body will resume the full-scale work of healing on the site of your stretch marks, thereby accelerating the process of rendering those marks invisible.

This immune response can be provoked easily enough, and safely enough. Applying a mild glycolic acid or using an abrasive scrub will have several positive effects. First, the acid or the abrasion will make strides in smoothing the textured and striated surface of your stretch marks. And secondly, the mild trauma to the site will draw the immune response to work more on the site.

How to Remove Stretch Marks: the Final Piece of the Puzzle

Having taken care to keep your skin thoroughly moisturized, and having given your immune system a solid nudge to go back to work on the site of your stretch marks, you just need to take care of one more component. Your re-activated immune system needs the supplies to build new skin cells on the site of the damaged tissue, and to that end, you need to supply the basic ingredients. This final aspect of how to remove stretch marks can be addressed with your diet as well as with external topical application.

If your balanced and fully nutritious diet can fully meet the needs of new tissue building, then your blood stream will deliver the necessary nutrients directly to the construction site of your stretch marks. If you are not one hundred percent sure that your body can supply all the essentials internally, then you can make up the difference by making those ingredients available at the surface. Use a stretch mark cream that incorporates vitamins and minerals and nutrients specifically needed for reconstruction of skin. Your skin needs Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin C, and peptides, among other things.

You can easily find creams or ointments over- the-counter that are specifically formulated to address the problem of how to remove stretch marks. With the basic necessities covered in one of these creams, you can take care of two components at once. A moisturizing cream will hydrate your skin even while it provides the needed nutrition.


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