Remedies for Stretch Marks

Have your stretch marks been causing you grief? Are you interested in some solid remedies for stretch marks? You are not alone, and you can assure yourself that there are some very solid options available. If you are ready to get rid of stretch marks, simply read on. They will not plague you for much longer if you follow this advice.

Remedies for Stretch Marks: What to Do

To begin with, there are a number of things you can do that will significantly speed your healing at the site of stretch marks. Chief among these is to keep circulation going to the affected area. Think of your blood stream as the highway that carries building supplies to a construction site. In this analogy, your stretch marks are a construction site, a healing area where your body’s natural healing processes are working to create fresh new skin and remove the marks of damage. The needed supplies, including oxygen and nutrients, are delivered directly to the site by the highway of your blood stream.

You can speed up that traffic by invigorating the circulation of blood in this area. Massaging your skin regularly achieves this effect by the direct contact and stimulation. Warm water, enjoying a hot bath or spa, can achieve similar effects, as can cardiovascular exercise. Keeping your blood flow moving will ensure that the construction site of your stretch marks is receiving all the internal assistance your body has to offer.

You can additionally assist the process by making sure your internal resources are providing the needed elements for that job of rebuilding. After all, it doesn’t do any good for the highway traffic to be running at full speed if the trucks are delivering empty loads. To move away from the traffic analogies and back to the body, your immune system needs specific nutrients for the healing process, and you can ensure the presence of those nutrients by keeping a balanced diet. Naturally, this is a measure that will not only help your skin be rid of stretch marks, but will boost your overall health into the bargain.

While attending to your circulation and nutrition, exfoliation is another daily activity in which you should indulge. Use a loofah or another gentle abrasive agent, and consider the use of an abrasive scrub designed for skin, and work on the areas where stretch marks are most troublesome. You need to find a happy medium when it comes to abrasion and exfoliation, not using anything so harsh that it was not intended for use on skin. However, the gentle abrasion by products formulated for skin use will actually promote your immune system’s response to the site. You are essentially causing trauma to the area, small enough so as not to be hazardous, but enough stimulation to bring your immune system to the scene. The job of repairing tissues and creating new skin will be enhanced for your immune system’s attention to the site.

Remedies for Stretch Marks: What to Avoid

You may be thinking of remedies only as things to do actively, but it is just as important to know what to avoid. At the top of this list is exposure to ultraviolet radiation. For practical purposes, this means avoiding direct sun exposure, and emphatically to avoid tanning beds. Your stretch marks will not only be worsened by UV damage, but they will be made more visible by the exposure as well.

Ultraviolet radiation found in sunlight and tanning lamps, causes free radical damage in your skin cells, worsening the appearance of your stretch marks. At the same time, the tanning of surrounding skin will only make the stretch marks stand out more fiercely. You truly need to wait until after you have healed your stretch marks before you work on your tan.

Choosing the Best Remedies for Stretch Marks

In addition to taking the measures mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you explore the available remedies for stretch marks, both over the counter and prescription options. Your own dermatologist will likely have recommendations, and perhaps will prescribe a strong stretch mark cream or other treatment specifically suited to your needs. You can also choose for yourself among the many marketed remedies for stretch marks, taking care not to be taken in by any marketer’s exaggerated claims.

Some of the most commonly effective remedies for stretch marks include essential oils that help moisturize the skin and restore its elasticity. There are a number of essential oils, pressed directly from herbs and containing the botanical and medicinal properties of those herbs, that are specifically useful when applied to stretch marks. You might consider visiting a local health food or nutrition store in order to inquire about the healing properties of various essential oils. You will have the enjoyment of their pleasant scents as a positive byproduct of your treatment.

Other successful remedies for stretch marks include the application of the type of vapor rub commonly used when a person has a cough or head cold. Unlike the fragrant essential oils, this may not be a remedy you choose to use before going out in company, due to the overpowering aroma of these camphorated rubs. However, it can be a good nighttime application, rubbed into the affected skin before bed, for example.

Remedies for Stretch Marks: Additional Options

If you are seeking to remove stretch marks entirely, you can consult your physician about the more drastic remedies for stretch marks. These include surgical and laser treatment options. While these remedies for stretch marks are considerably quicker than those described above, they are also more expensive. You and your doctor can work together, however, in assessing what sorts of options are reasonably within your reach, and what remedies would be best recommended.

It may be that a combination of multiple remedies for stretch marks will be the comprehensive answer for your stretch marks. Your nutrition, surface massage, exfoliation, and moisturizing can all contribute to the rapid healing of your stretch marks, and your physician can suggest additional help if it is needed.


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