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To most women, and men alike, stretch marks can be quite a bother. These are the clear-white, or silvery, lines that are not uncommon in tremendous weight gain, or a massive loss of it, mostly exhibited by pregnant women. However, only in rare cases will stretch marks ward off with time. Otherwise, they could be a permanent mark. And that’s where remedies for stretch marks come in. Read on.

Firstly, is exercise; a good work-out should help tone the muscles while firming-up the skin. This alone will go along the way to making stretch marks become a thing of the past. Yet, ironically, you ought not to overdo it. Excessive exercise may just increase the unsightly lines, as evidenced by bodybuilders who usually have to deal with the consequences of the game, getting rid of stretch marks.

Nutritious foods do play a vital role, too, among the remedies for stretch marks. Have your diet contain sufficient protein levels, as much as Vitamins C and E. They help promote excellent tissue growth, not mentioning repair to damaged tissues. The zinc nutrient is no exception, either, as it helps prevent stretch marks from developing. For this reason, foods such as seeds and nuts should be handy. In the same vein, Vitamin K helps heal the white lines. You can think of foods such as green leafy vegetables and dairy products, including tomatoes.

Aloe vera will be next. You should massage aloe vera, the fleshy pulp, in particular, onto the stretch marks. The end result should be tantamount to that of the work-outs; a body free of ugly lines, characterized by toned and firmed-up skin. Actually, aloe vera contains enzymes that remove damaged skin tissues, simultaneously, keeping the skin hydrated.

Another remedy is the use of lavender oil, which, in fact, is the most recommended, of all the remedies for stretch marks, as a natural cure. You need to apply the oil to the affected area 3 times a day. What lavender oil does is that it facilitates the growth of brand-new skin tissues, which makes stretch marks fade away gradually.

Apricot scrub could do the drill, as well. A perfect apricot scrub will exfoliate dead skin tissues, plus damaged ones, that are not uncommon in skin areas affected by stretch marks. Also, like the aforementioned remedies, it will tone and firm-up the skin, all attributed to its ability to help develop collagen and elastin fiber of the skin.

Remedies for stretch marks also will include aromatic oils. These range from chamomile to sweet almond to jojoba to avocado oils, all of which will help heal stretch marks while they tone the skin. In addition to this, they should help prevent stretch marks from reoccurring. For best results, however, these oils will be combined with lavender.

Cocoa butter, another remedy, is especially useful during pregnancy. It adequately hydrates and tones up the skin if applied in the early stages of pregnancy. Moreover, the enzymes in the butter do help decrease the damage caused to skin tissues.

I hope the aforementioned remedies do the drill. In certain cases, however, to attain a maximum effect while using the remedies for stretch marks, you may need to combine some oils with Vitamins.


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