Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks after a Pregnancy


Most pregnancies lead to the development of ugly stretch marks around the stomach.  This is not a pleasing sight for anyone, and although this is natural, it can still be controlled. There are several effective stretch mark creams that one can use during and after a pregnancy to prevent stretch marks from appearing. These creams act by reversing the development of stretchmarks.

These creams contain certain ingredients and properties that help make the skin moisturized and elastic to take in excess pressure from the developing pregnancy. Stretch-mark removal creams work by enhancing the skin’s elasticity and capability to take in excess pressure, as well as make the skin look youthful and glamorous even after a pregnancy.

Discussed below are some of the ingredients that make these stretch mark removal creams effective during pregnancy.

Olive Oil1. Olive Oil: Olive oil is an effective remedy for stretch marks. This oil helps keep the skin hydrated and moisturized for long. As long as the skin is moisturized and hydrated, it will be able to take in a little more pressure and stress without developing stretch marks.

One great thing about olive oil when used in stretch mark creams is the fact that, it permeates deep in skin cells and tissues hence giving a lasting moisturizing effect.  The enhanced skin cell turgidity makes it possible to inhibit development of stretch marks.

Vitamin E2. Vitamin E:  Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps detox skin cells hence freeing them from toxins and other harmful substances. These toxins contribute greatly in how stretch marks appear.

Eliminating them makes one’s skin supple and soft enough to grow to take in stress. Almost all stretch mark removal and anti-aging creams have vitamin E as a key ingredient. Aside from flushing out toxins, Vitamin E helps improve the skin’s elasticity as well.

3. Lavender Oil: Lavender oil plays a key role in reducing stretch marks glare. Applying lavender oil directly on the affected skin helps tone down the skin for evenness. This makes these stretch marks disappear in no time and gives a lasting effect as well.

cocoa-butter4. Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter is mainly used for its detox and hydration properties. This naturally obtained butter keeps skin cells hydrated thus facilitating turgidity hence elasticity.

It also acts on the skin making it firmer and evenly toned thus making these stretch marks vanish for good. This leaves you with an even youthful skin free of spots and ugly marks.

retinol5. Retinoic Acid: Retinoic acid is essential for the renewal and rejuvenation of skin cell growth. Although extracted from proteins, retinoic acid permeates directly through the skin to revitalize skin cells hence inducing fresh growth.

This makes the skin become firmer and resistant to stretch markets. Most stretch mark removal creams use retinyl palmitate as the key compound for retinol induction.

6. Collagen: Collagen is a protein that helps induces regrowth of skin cells.  When induced, skin cells start growing naturally again thus making the skin more elastic and turgid.  The body stops producing collagen naturally during the late 20’s and has to be induced afresh.

7. Shea Butter: Shea butter helps repair damaged and broken skin cells by rejuvenating growth of the same.  It rejuvenates old flaccid cells cell making them to become turgid once again. This helps the skin restore its youthful evenly toned appearance.

aloe vera8. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera contains many medicinal and health benefits to the human body.  Aloe gel for example is great for regenerating broken skin tissues and restoring normal appearance of the skin.

It soothes the skin from inflammation caused by the strained skin cells that result to stretch marks.

citric acid9. Citric Acid: Citric acid is commonly used in beauty products to help exfoliate dead skin.  This paves way for all the other ingredients and oils to penetrate the skin for a deeper action.  Citric acid also helps make the skin softer and more elastic as well.

If you are pregnant, or just delivered, you can get rid or contain stretch marks by using some of the most effective stretch mark creams. Most of these creams can be bought over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

It is however advisable to involve your dermatologist when purchasing any of these products. Persons with skin conditions or sensitive skin should seek a physician or dermatologists help before starting to use such products. This is because their skin may react with one or two of the ingredients used in a specific product.

The best way to find an effective cream for your skin is by window shopping for the same. Look into customer reviews to see what users feel about a certain cream. You can also look into product reviews to find out how effective the product is, key ingredients used and side effects of any. Window shopping will also give you a leeway to identify certified stores that supply most of these creams, hence save you big on your money as well.


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