Best Stretch Mark Remedy that Works

stretch mark remedyWhen people gain lot of weight within a short time, they often find large number of stretch marks on different areas of their body. They are most prominent on the abdominal area and arms. These linear scars are caused by tearing of the top three layers of the skin when it stretches rapidly.

Pregnant women also experience stretch marks due to rapid weight gain during mid pregnancy. In the beginning they are dark purple or red in color but the fade away to silver or white color. It’s easy to treat them using a stretch mark remedy when they first appear on the body and before they start losing color.

There are various remedies of stretch marks, but the long lasting results are possible only by creams, and gels that contain natural ingredients. Aside from that, in some cases a stretch mark remedy may show good results only when it is used for a long time. Both men and women have been successful in treating their stretch marks using these remedies. The success lies in finding the right solution that shows results in your case. By using effective solutions, you won’t have to pay for an expensive surgery.

Let’s have a close look at some natural remedies to remove stretch marks:

  • Lost excess weight-Excess weight can tear up dermal layers of your skin leading to ugly streaks. Therefore, it is important that you don’t gain too much weight too fast. If you love food then you should include fibrous food, fruits and vegetables in your diet, and avoid fatty foods, processed foods, beverages and sodas as they cause rapid weight gain.

The best stretch mark remedy is to lose weight so that your skin and body returns back to its original size. This is the most effective and easiest way for both women and men to minimize or remove their stretch marks. This will also work for you if you have got your stretch marks due to pregnancy.

  • Health diet for stronger and better skin-You can have healthy skin only when you have healthy body. Therefore, it is important to eat nutritious diet. In order to stay supple and flexible it needs wide range of vitamins minerals and nutrients. Good foods for the skin must have antioxidants and fatty acids. Therefore, you should take lots of vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains as they offer best stretch mark remedy.
  • Use vitamin supplements for strengthening your skin- In order to ensure that your body and skin is getting all the important minerals, nutrients and vitamins they need, it is important to take good supplements every day. Some of the most important nutrients for skin care are vitamin E, C, A, K, and organic zinc.
  • Stretching exercises-Exercises (particularly stretching exercises) are quite helpful in minimizing and removing scars. These exercises can help in breaking scar tissues that give rise to various scars.
  • Exfoliate your skin regular basis-You should exfoliate your skin for removing its thin layer as it can help in removing scar tissue eventually leading to complete removal of nasty blemishes. Aside from removing scar tissue, exfoliation also cleans off all dead cells and detritus on the skin surface and allows it to breathe better. You should use a mildly abrasive applicator and a good cleanser to get the best results.
  • Aroma oil- Try massaging your body using a aroma oil during your pregnancy as it will help in reducing chances of scar marks.
  • Body scrub-You should make a body scrub by mixing cod liver oil, olive oil, vitamin E, oil cream and some aloe vera gel together. However, before applying this scrub you should exfoliate your skin as it will ensure much better results from the body scrub. You must ensure that you are using body scrub in circular fashion towards your heart because this will stimulate blood flow and is best for getting rid of all cellulite.
  • Homemade cream- Mix1/4 cup aloe vera gel, 1/2 virgin olive oil, liquid taken from 5 vitamin A caps and liquid from 6 vitamin E caps. Mix them in a blender and store this mixture in a refrigerator. You should use it daily.
  • Oil & Gel Mix- You can also apply vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel or cod liver oil directly to your stretch marks to speed up their healing process.
  • Vaseline rub- If you are pregnant and have started seeing stretch marks on your abdominal area, you should start applying Vaseline rub on your stomach to avoid the stretch marks.
  • Vitamin K -You can use vitamin K topically for helping your skin heal from wounds and stretch marks. You can also apply vitamin K enriched cream on your stretch marks or scars as it is excellent stretch mark remedy. Main food sources for vitamin K include spinach, Swiss chard, tomatoes, spinach, leafy green vegetables, liver, diary products and lean meat.
  • Lavender essential oil-You should apply lavender essential oil directly on your scars as this will help them fade away. You can easily heal your wounds faster using this stretch mark remedy.
  • Creams, lotions, and gels-When searching for natural stretch mark remedy, it is important to consider all holistic lotions, creams and gels that can prevent or remove scarring from happening, and can also remove stretch marks that are already there. Many natural ingredients based natural stretch mark creams can work in different ways. They lubricate your skin so that it stays supple and flexible and is less likely to develop stretch marks or scars.

aloe vera stretch mark remedySome gels and creams also exfoliate and help in removing scar tissues that have built up into stretch marks. They have natural proteins that can help in repairing the skin and can make it more resistant to any damage. Best gels and creams have several natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, aloe vera, emu oil, jojoba oil, mink oil, elastin, liquid vitamin E, and lavender oil.

You can apply these creams two to there times a day on consistent basis to get the desired results. Best thing about these remedies is that they are highly effective and cost much less than surgical options.


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