How To Choose Creams For Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are streaks on the skin that appear as a result of the skin stretching beyond its normal capacity. This is as a result of pregnancy, weight gain and growth in the adolescent stage. The stretch marks are formed as a result of the supportive tissue under the skin tearing and losing its elasticity which causes the lines to form. Creams for stretch marks will help fade them although your skin may not be totally free of them. Stretch mark creams are the most convenient, safest and cheapest way to remove stretch marks as compared to other methods such as laser treatments or chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

There are different types of creams for stretch marks for different kinds of skin types, stretch mark age and depending on the ingredients contained in the cream. There are creams that are designed to be used by people with oily skin, those with dry skin and people with combination skin. There are also stretch mark creams that are not particular to any skin type but will effectively work with all skin types to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Effective creams for stretch marks moisturize your skin so that they can help reduce the tearing of the elastic supportive tissue. A good cream will moisturize you skin as well as fading the stretch marks to avoid new stretch marks from forming. Some of the ingredients that you should look out for are Vitamin C and E as these help to heal the skin so that the damaged tissue is rebuilt. This fades the stretch marks so that they are not as visible. Ingredients such as wheat germ oil and lanolin moisturize the skin and provide moisture which is important in healing and rejuvenating the skin so it looks better.
Retin-A, Renova and Avita are ingredients that help to increase the production collagen in your body so that the stretch marks fade. Peptides also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and you can look out for these ingredients. Some stretch mark creams will make your skin smoother because of increased moisturizing and firmer as a result of an increase in collagen production which makes new skin cells to be formed and these produce firmer and smoother skin. There are also creams that will even out your skin tone so after the stretch marks are faded, your skin tone is even and uniform.

If you have old stretch marks, you need to get creams for stretch marks that are designed to work on them. This is because older stretch marks are harder to get rid of and some creams that may be effective in fading new stretch marks may not be as effective on old marks. Natural ingredients are also better as they are less likely to cause adverse reactions and allergies. It is best to use creams for stretch marks in the way it is recommended to get the best possible results. in some cases, you will have to use the creams for sometime before you can see results.


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