Understanding Glycolic Acid In Stretch Mark Creams


stretch marks pregnancyYou might have heard that glycolic acid is one of the main active ingredients in effective stretch mark creams.

Any good cream will work with your own body’s natural healing ability in order to remove the appearance of these post-pregnancy marks.

Of course, some women might even see stretch marks after a weight gain or loss that is not associated with a pregnancy.

Stretch marks are actually scars that form because your skin stretches out beyond its ability to expand without damage. They might appear red at first, but they generally fade to a pale color.

Darker skinned women seem less prone to stretch marks, but these marks might be more obvious when they do appear. This is because they appear faint, and this contrasts more with darker skin.

If you are pregnant or nursing, you might want to exercise caution about the types of cream you apply to your body. They will be absorbed by your skin.

Anything that is absorbed by your skin could travel to the baby through your blood stream.

Of course, you might want to protect your own health by avoiding harsh chemicals or products that might contain toxins.

Most guides say that glycolic acid is safe for pregnant women. Many doctors will agree. Others urge more caution because they say there is not enough information to be sure.

You will probably be prudent to discuss the pros and cons of using any sort of AHAs while you are pregnant or nursing with your doctor.

You might have heard of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). These are actually natural acids derived from fruit and other plants.

Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane, and it is a very powerful AHA. These are generally included in many common types of anti-aging creams that help reduce the signs of aging like discoloration or wrinkles.

Since pregnant women are not usually old enough to have to worry about wrinkles, you might wonder why AHAs are included in skin creams.

Learn more about exactly what stretch marks pregnancy are so you can understand more.

AHA works by exfoliating your top layer of skin cells. This stimulates your skin to health itself by speeding up cell growth.

best stretch marks remediesInstead of the old and blemished skin, you should begin to see fresh and new skin emerging.

It actually can improve the texture and color of stretch marks on your belly.

These AHAs are ingredients in an effective type of skin creams. They can also help women preserve skin on other parts of their body.

If you plan to try one of these AHA creams, you might test one on a very small patch a cream to be sure you are not sensitive.

Some people with sensitive skin do not react well to these creams. However, they are generally regarded as safe.

In fact, some women even make their own homemade stretch mark cream with glycolic acid. They use shea butter, aloe, or even beeswax as a safe and natural base.

This can help moisturize and sooth skin. It can also encourage new skin production. You can mix the ingredients in a bowl or blender.

Does glycolic acid really work? AHAs are an effective way to help freshen up skin. They also tend to work well on different skin types.

These fruit and sugar acids are used in the treatments of all sorts of skin scars and blemishes.

That said, it would be impossible to promise that any remedy will work a hundred percent of the time. Here are some tips to help your cream work better.

  • Make sure you apply the cream regularly as soon as your belly starts to bulge. The best time to begin treating stretch marks is before you see any appear!
  • If you buy a commercial cream, be sure to follow the package directions. A little cream can go a long ways. Do not use too much because that can increase the risk of experience irritation.
  • If you have any concerns about using glycolic acid on your skin, be sure and call your doctor.

You may have some stretch marks no matter what you do. Keep your skin hydrated and healthy in order to avoid these pregnancy scars as much as possible.



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