Stretch Marks during Pregnancy: How to Get Rid from Them

Most of the pregnant women experience stretch marks during pregnancy on their various vital parts of the body. These marks are visible as streaks on the upper surface of their skin and the color of these streaks depends upon the natural color of their skin. The vital parts of the pregnant women where usually these marks are seen include abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs and hips. Stretch marks at the time of pregnancy are found on either of the body parts of almost all the pregnant women.

Reasons of stretch marks during pregnancy

If you want to know how to get rid of stretch marks during pregnancy then you should know about the reasons of their appearance and ways to prevent during pregnancy and remove them after giving birth to the child. The main reason of formation of stretch marks is the tearing of collagen and elastic fibers during the period of hormonal changes in the pregnancy. It is a kind of scar that mostly appears on pregnant women’s bodies on their abdomen, breast, arms and thighs during their pregnancy. Sometimes stretch marks are also formed due to hormonal changes during the growth of an individual or changes in weight or body fats. Such marks are most often seen during teenage developments, significant change in body weight and during pregnancy but they are not necessarily found during puberty period to all the teenaged youngsters. Some times stretch marks due to puberty or rapid and considerable change in weight are not found so deep and conspicuous to be noticed easily but the stretch marks during pregnancy are mostly noticeable which need to be treated to remove them.

Preventing the stretch marks

Some of the women get stretch marks during their pregnancy due to genetic reasons then it really difficult to get rid of these scars. Though the stretch marks caused during pregnancy can not be entirely prevented even with the women of non-genetic issues but they can minimize their appearance on the vital parts by adopting certain preventive steps as under:
They should eat healthy and nutritious foods
Nutritious food helps in strengthening their skin which again helps in formation of lesser stretch marks with lesser intensity.

Using nutritious skin creams and lotions again to strengthen their skin.
Be cautious about your weight gain.

Avoid gaining weight rapidly as slowly and steadily gained weight usually cause much lesser or no stretch marks
Keeping the belly lathered is another comfortable idea to prevent the intensive stretch marks

Life cycle of stretch marks

While treating the stretch marks during pregnancy one must consider the life cycle of these marks which changes their appearance with the passage of time. Initially these marks are found in red color which gradually changes to purple and brighter color. This part of life cycle of stretch marks enables you to treat them more easily. The changes in the appearance of stretch marks due to passage of time facilitate you to deal with them more flexible. But if the color of the stretch marks changes to lighter shade like silvery white then it will become tougher to reduce their visibility. So, to get maximum benefit of reducing the visibility of stretch marks which had appeared during pregnancy you should treat them at an earliest.

Treating the stretch marks

You can discuss about your stretch marks with your maternity doctor or midwife before you deliver your baby. It is beneficial to treat stretch marks during pregnancy at an earliest to get rid of them. but certain cheaper creams and lotions that contain the derivatives of vitamin A, which can help in removing the stretch marks, can not be used during pregnancy as they may cause certain health issues to the unborn baby or problem in giving birth to the baby. So they should be treated after giving birth to the child.

The severity of stretch marks after giving birth gets reduced in most of the women as mostly they get faded with the passage of time. In most of the cases they become less noticeable just after 12 months of delivery of child though the texture of the stretched skin may differ from the skin of surrounding region. Sometimes fading stretch marks are noticed by the women changing into whitish lines. But some women remain more concerned to the severity of their stretch marks as they take them as influencing their confidence and respect. Such women need to adopt some treatments that may help in improving their appearance.

Topical creams: You may consult your medical service provider or some professional dermatologist if you have stretch marks during pregnancy of really severe nature. They can suggest you to adopt some topical treatment like Tretinoin or Retinol which help in stimulating collagen production and reducing stretch marks ultimately. To avoid any problem in delivering unborn baby, you should use these creams after pregnancy. But these treatments should be used shortly after delivering the baby otherwise it may become difficult to get rid of them if their color started to fade up. The effectiveness of these topical creams reduces with the delay in using them after delivery. You should also consult your doctor before using these topical creams if you are breast feeding your new born baby as they may affect the supply of your milk to the baby or may pass to your baby through your milk.

Laser treatments: Most of the pregnant women also have drooping skin due to their pregnancy but the creams used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy may not help in reliving such effect on their skin. Some people use laser treatments to reduce the stretch marks alongwith improving the elasticity of their skin on the whole.
Plastic surgery: Plastic surgery is used by some of the pregnant women to treat stretch marks after delivering their baby. You can hide your stretch marks alongwith drooping skin easily through a tummy tuck under this process.

Thus, you can get rid of stretch marks during pregnancy easily through various treatments as suitable to you.


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