How To Choose The Best Stretch Mark Cream For Use During Pregnancy


It is estimated that close to 90% of the pregnant women suffer from stretch marks due to pregnancy. This is the reason that many pregnant women want to know the best stretch mark cream that can be used during pregnancy. It is true that most of the women want to wait to give birth before they start using stretch mark removal creams, but there are some who do not want to wait

stretch marksIt has been seen that typically, stretch marks appear in women, from six months onwards. The most common symptom of this start of the stretch marks is itchiness.

One of the other benefits of using the cream is that it helps the pregnant women in getting rid of their itchiness. They can also use this to massage their tummy to get rid of itchiness.

Usually massaging your tummy during pregnancy does not pose any problems but it is still recommended to consult a doctor before you start using a stretch mark cream during pregnancy. Some of the ingredients may be absorbed into the skin and may reach the baby. Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor before using any kind of cream or any other things during pregnancy.

One of the biggest advantages of using such must creams is that these are very easy to use. Every pregnant woman can easily massage the cream on her tummy. Another benefit of stretch marks creams is that it instantly has a soothing effect on the itchiness as the cream enters the skin tissue and offers relief.

consult with doctor for stretch marks creamAlso, there are many high quality creams in the market that contain only natural ingredients that help a lot in dealing with the itchiness during the last trimester. It also helps in enhancing the skin tone and keeps the skin supple.

There are many different creams available in the market for use during pregnancy. However, one needs to be careful while buying a product as not only in the product should be effective but it should also be harnessed for the baby inside the womb. Therefore, it is very important to choose the product only after consulting with a doctor.

It is a given that the best stretch mark cream during pregnancy needs to have only natural ingredients. All natural cream means that the ingredients in the cream are least likely to have any kind of side effects. It is important to thoroughly assess the product before your purchase.

There are tons of websites on the Internet has stretch mark cream products review and there are also many discussion forums where people share their experience of using the product.

There are also a lot of groups on social networking sites dedicated to giving advice to women during pregnancy. It is a good idea to join those groups and ask for advice on the best cream for use during pregnancy. Here are some tips to use the creams for getting rid of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Start Early

use stretch mark cream on Second trimesterOne of the best ways to get rid of any kind of stretch marks is to start using it at the earliest stages in the pregnancy. Most of the experts recommend start using the cream at the beginning of the second trimester.

It is important that you massage the cream on your abdomen as well as on other areas that are known to be prone to stretch marks.

For instance, lower back, breasts, inner thighs and buttocks are known to be prone to stretch marks. Therefore, it is important to massage the cream on these body parts also in addition to the abdomen area.

Drink Lots of Water

It is important to keep your body hydrated at all times. You may also drink fresh juice to keep you hydrated. It will be not only good for your health but will also keep your skin hydrated. It means that your skin will be flexible and less likely to break during pregnancy.

Have a Balanced Diet

balanced diet during your pregnancyNeedless to say, you need to have a balanced diet during your pregnancy.

Do not forget to include various kinds of fruits such as oranges, lemons and foods that are rich in fiber and vitamins C as these are good for your skin and also for your baby.

Wear Loose Clothes

It is important to be comfortable during your pregnancy. If you wear tight clothes, it will lead to itchiness in various areas. The itchiness may also result in onset of stretch marks. Therefore, it is best to wear comfortable clothes during pregnancy.


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