The Encyclopedia of Stretch Mark Removal

Want to know the reason behind those unsightly stretch marks on your legs, abdomen, or elsewhere?  It means that, in a relatively short amount of time, your skin has undergone such an extreme stretch that its limit for elasticity has been maxed out.  Effectively, when this happens, the elastic fibers in your skin snap, leaving the surface with tiny white lines that almost look like lightning bolts.  The size tends to vary depending on the amount of stretch the skin has had to withstand.  Sometimes stretch marks can look like indentations or even streaks, at times white, pink, or purple.  Thankfully, these stripes are very manageable.  Stretch mark removal is easy, and affordable.  Here is a list of must-know information, and many great products and techniques to try.

This Is How It Starts

Also known as striae, stretch marks have a very deep coloring when they first appear, but generally this fades over time. Sometimes they can be rather mottled in texture, which does not go away, especially if the color changes from dark red and purple to white, or silvery gray. These unpopular marks tend to make an appearance on the arms, breasts, abdomen, and thighs. There are numerous ways these striae can generate, and recognizing the reason for their origin is an important step in knowing how to treat them.

Possible Causes

Common misconception is that stretch marks are only brought on by the sudden weigh gain of pregnancy. This is only one of the reasons. Rapid weight gain is a cause, yes, but so is sudden weight loss. Stretch marks can also be caused by an extended use of corticosteroids. Teenagers in the midst of puberty are subject to developing striae during a growth spurt. Even genetic disorders can be a factor in this condition, including Ehlers-Danlos and Marfan syndrome.

Worse than the red splotches and strange texture, the strongest symptom of stretch marks tends to be a sense of supreme embarrassment. Stretch marks can happen to anyone, and are nothing to be self-conscious about. They are also harmless, and don’t necessarily need attention from a cosmetic or medical professional. Early detection is the best step in prevention and stretch mark removal.

Easy Steps for Stretch Mark Removal

For the newer stretch marks, tretinoin cream is a popular new development in topical treatments. This cream is essential for rebuilding collagen, and can also spur on the healing of skin around the stretch mark. Generally this treatment only works during the first six weeks of striae development.

The most important factor to consider about this type of treatment is whether or not you are pregnant or nursing. If the answer is yes, steer clear from topical tretinoin. Its effect on a baby, and on the breast milk, have not been fully grasped yet.

Laser Therapy for Stretch Mark Removal

Elastin and collagen creation can be boosted through other means besides creams. Pulsed laser therapy is an effective procedure for stretch marks that are still new. These treatments work through a series of high intensity light pulses. They don’t impact the skin’s outer layers, but rather induce controlled, intentional damage upon the chemical compounds in the dermis.

Has your stretch mark passed the six month test? There are still options for stretch mark removal that can be effective.

Stretch Mark Removal for Older Striae

Older, silvery stretch marks are known for being much more difficult to remove. However, there are still solutions that can make a difference in the presence of these skin nuisances. Microdermabrasion is a procedure that resurfaces the skin by pummeling it with a barrage of tiny crystals. As this is happening, these crystals simultaneously get sucked back up into a vacuum. This gets right to the root of an aged stretch mark, and while it does away with this blemish, the process also promotes the growth of new surface skin.

If you are looking for a treatment that has a bit more flare, a procedure with excimer lasers may be the perfect solution. These lasers boost the development of new melanin, while doing away with the old stria. It also helps improve the color of the stretch mark.

For stretch marks old and new, glycolic acid can offer an effective fix. It is a chemical peel, and its process consists of a doctor first cleaning the designated area. After that, a chemical solution is applied that wounds the area on purpose, which will prompt the regeneration of new skin cells.

Cosmetic Surgery for Stretch Mark Removal

No one ever died from stretch marks, but some people find themselves psychologically crippled by the zebra stripes on their arms and thighs. If you are someone who absolutely cannot stand their stretch marks and must do away with them as quickly as possible, talk to your doctor about cosmetic surgery. A tummy tuck or “mommy makeover” may be a potential option. These procedures are the most comprehensive way to get rid of stretch marks, but they are certainly not for everyone.

Techniques for Less Finicky Stretch Marks

Don’t want to go the way of a medical procedure? A number of creams are available for stretch marks that are a bit smaller. Shea and cocoa butter are popular and effective for hydration and smoothness, and vitamin E is a key ingredient in these creams. When you think about the potential alternative of lasers and knives, these lesser techniques start to seem much more appealing.

There is an entire spectrum of possible solutions to embarrassing stretch marks. If you don’t want to get medical professionals involved, topical treatments can be very effective, especially on newer striae. But if your scars are older, or your state of mind is grossly being affected by these marks, cosmetic surgery may be a possible option. Just remember to talk to your doctor about the more invasive stretch mark removal options. When you combine your doctors’ expertise, the power of a good cream, and the effectiveness of early detection, stretch marks can quickly seem like little more than a bad dream.


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