Stretch Mark Removal Options

Stretch marks are ruptured skin tissues caused by sudden change in the bodily structure of a person. The most common cause is due to pregnancy in which 90% of pregnant women will most likely develop stretch marks on their belly after giving birth. Unfortunately, stretch marks are hereditary too. If your mother had stretch marks before, your chances of also having stretch marks are also high. Abrupt weight gain can also be another factor which contributes to the development of stretch marks. Although stretch marks are not life threatening, some people consider them as cosmetically unappealing.

In this article, you will find out several stretch mark removal options which you can try to prevent or treat your stretch marks. Here they are:

Topical Applications

Moisturizers help to keep the skin hydrated. Therefore, it’s advisable to put a generous amount of moisturizer among the part where stretch marks can develop. This is not really a stretch mark removal option but you can significantly lessen further developments of stretch mark if you are diligent enough to regularly apply your favorite moisturizer. Dry skin is more prone to stretch marks because the skin tissues become brittle. If your skin is properly hydrated, it will be more elastic so the skin tissues won’t tear up easily.

Retinoic acid or simply vitamin A cream is another option for topical application. Vitamin A boosts collagen regeneration so the appearance of stretch marks is noticeably lesser. Furthermore, vitamin A also maintains skin elasticity which helps to prevent stretch marks. However, using products with retinoic acid is not as easy like applying an ordinary moisturizer. You will actually need a prescription before you can purchase any products with retinoic acid. Additionally, you’re not allowed to use retinoic acid if you’re pregnant or nursing for there might be potential interferences which can cause birth defects.

Glycolic acid is a safer alternative to retinoic acid. It is a skin peeling agent which induces skin renewal and encourages skin elasticity. Unlike retinoic acid, it’s safe to use glycolic acid during pregnancy or while nursing. You can also purchase products with glycolic acid without necessarily asking for a prescription from your doctor.

Vitamin E or tocopheryl acetate is said to be the miraculous solution for stretch marks. Vitamin E is not only a powerful anti-oxidant which protects the skin against harmful free radicals, it also hastens skin repair. Scan through the beauty section of a supermarket and look for a lotion which contain vitamin E. However, you can also open a vitamin E capsule and mix it with your favorite lotion for full coverage.

Supplemental Options

Taking up vitamin C whether ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate can help you reduce the appearance of your stretch marks and prevent further developments. Along with vitamin C, you can also take vitamin E supplement to optimize its skin repair abilities. Dermatologists suggest taking 500mg of vitamin C and 400 IU of vitamin E in a daily basis so you are not just treating your stretch marks externally but also internally. Keep in mind to never take vitamin C along with vitamin E for vitamin E can interfere the effects of vitamin C and vise versa. Perhaps you can take vitamin C in the morning and vitamin E in the evening.

Laser Treatments

If topical applications take too long to take effect even if they are proven to be effective, then you will probably like the instant stretch mark removal effects of laser treatments. Laser treatments are absolutely beneficial but they have few downsides as well. First is the fact that most laser treatments for stretch mark removal tend to be very expensive. Furthermore, even if laser treatments can bring about instant improvements for the skin, you will still need several sessions of a certain laser treatment to fully achieve desirable results.

For fresh stretch marks, a vascular laser also known as a pulsed dye laser is more appropriate rather than using high frequency ones. Typically, each session will take about $450 and you will need to undergo six or more sessions.

For older stretch marks, laser resurfacing or fractional laser treatment is the most applicable. It will usually take three sessions which cost $1000 each to get the most out of this treatment. If fractional laser treatment is not properly done, then you might develop hyper-pigmentation with those areas and irreversible scarring can also occur.

Surgical Procedures

If you have enough courage and money, then why not turn into surgical procedures for stretch mark removal. One of the most popular and the most commonly used procedures among surgeons for their clients with stretch marks is abdominoplasty or popularly known as tummy tuck. This procedure has been existing in the medical industry for decades now and it is still used until these modern days. Tummy tuck is quite expensive like the laser treatment; it can take $4000 to as high as $20,000. Surgical procedures will also demand long weeks of recovery. Expect that you will need three to six months of leave before you can fully recover.

Unverified Solutions that May or May not Help

Using essential oils is thought to be effective for stretch mark removal. However, there are no studies yet anywhere else in the world which show how effective or not essential oils can be in removing stretch marks. Some of these oils are coconut oil, lavender oil, rose oil, geranium oil, helichrysum oil and so many other essential oils which claim that they are effective if used as stretch mark remover.

Solutions That Don’t Work at All

Cocoa butter has been proven to have no significant effects on reducing the appearance of stretch marks. However, people are easily tricked with a lot of marketing schemes, but now people seem to understand which products they should trust and which products they should disregard. Another solution that doesn’t really work is peptide products. Peptides containing solutions or repair creams and serums are known to be not effective if used on stretch marks.

If you are asking which among those stretch mark removal options is the best, then the best way to find the answer is to dig deeper into details about those things. To sum it all up, stretch mark removal treatments include topical applications, supplemental options, laser treatment, surgical procedures and unverified solutions that may or may not work for your stretch marks.



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