Stretch mark removal treatment

stretch marksStretch marks are scars on the skin that may result from a sudden stretching of the middle layer of the skin i.e. dermis. There are many factors which leads to the development of stretch marks for example obesity, pregnancy, sudden weight gain, puberty, muscle building among many other factors. The middle skin layer (dermis) is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin. When it is overstretched, the connective fibers will break thus interrupting the production of collagen. This process results in scarring. On the skin surface, stretch marks appear as red, pink or purple lines that will be seen mostly on the abdomen, upper arms, breasts, buttocks and thighs.

Natural stretch mark removal

Exfoliation – Exfoliation is one of the common stretch mark removal treatments. The process involves the removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface. When exfoliation is practiced regularly, it will help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and also promote the growth of new skin cells. Exfoliation can be simply done using home made facial scrubs.

Derma roller – This is a device that has small needles in it. When it is roller on the skin surface, it will prick tiny holes on the skin and this process helps to stimulate the production of collagen. When used regularly, it will help to get rid of stretch marks.

Tea tree oil – This is a natural oil that has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. The healing properties of tea tree oil make it useful in treating stretch marks and also in treating other skin conditions.

Massage – When massage is done regularly, it will help to improve blood circulation on the skin and therefore it will encourage the rejuvenation of the skin. When combined with natural oils such as tea tree oil, massage will speed up the fading of stretch marks and will also reduce the visibility of cellulite.

Take the right diet – Avoid taking foods that are highly processed and also those that are rich in saturated fats. These foods may lead to unhealthy skin. Foods that will improve the health of your skin will include those rich in vitamins (A, C, E) and zinc. Good examples of foods that will contain these nutrients are whole grains, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits and spinach.

Exercises – Making your skin tight by engaging in body workouts will help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It would therefore be important to engage in exercises that target the specific body parts that have been affected by stretch marks. Examples of such exercises would include squats, lunges, press ups, chest presses, biceps curls and so on.

Keep the skin hydrated – Water is very important to ensure good health of your skin that is free from stretch marks. It will not only promote a healthy skin, water will also aid in digestion, aid in excretion, flush toxins and so on. It is recommended that you take a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day.

Other stretch mark removal treatments

Laser stretch mark removal – this is a medical process that employs the use of laser to remove the parts of the skin that have been affected by stretch marks. When the old skin is removed by the laser, it gives way for the growth of new skin layer that is free from stretch marks. It is important to note that a number of treatments will be required before all the stretch marks can disappear. Usually, there are two types of lasers that are used i.e. pulsed dye laser and also excimer laser.

Surgical stretch mark removal – It is a modern practice that has been embraced in a bid to get rid of persistent stretch marks. This process entails removing the stretched skin parts. For example, the tummy tuck procedure entails removing the skin below button belly. The surgical process is very effective although it comes at a higher cost. You must also understand that recovery period when this method is used will also be longer.

Blue Light Therapy – This procedure is popular in the process of acne removal. it is also effective in reducing the visibility of stretch marks. During the procedure, a photosensitive gel is applied on the regions affected by stretch marks and then bursts of light directed to these regions. Although this process may not remove stretch marks completely, you will be able to see a reduction in their appearance.

Microdermabrasions – This process entails the removal of the top layer of the skin that has been affected by stretch marks. Microdermabrasions process employs the use of fine crystals which are used to blast the top layer of the skin. The process results in the removal of old and dead cells which gives way for the establishment of new healthy skin layer. The new cells produced have the capacity to produce elastin and collagen which ensures that the layer is not only elastic but also smooth. Microdermabrasion process is painless and the skin takes less time to recover. It is important to note that a number of treatments will be required to achieve the desired results.

Chemical peel – Chemical peels are very popular among those who seek to remove age spots as well as wrinkles. They have also found great uses in dealing with stretch marks. During a chemical peel procedure, the chemical solution will be applied on the skin using a cotton pad, sponge, brush or a cotton swab. The type of chemicals used will be determined by the severity of the stretch marks. The chemicals used will remove dead and old skin cells and at the same time will promote the establishment of new skin layer. Considering the fact that chemicals are used, it is normal for a patient to feel a burning sensation. The recovery period will be determined by the type of chemicals used as well as the patient’s skin type. Although you may not experience total treatment from stretch marks, chemical peeling will reduce the appearance of stretch marks and also make the skin smoother, softer and more beautiful.

It is apparent that there are many stretch mark removal treatments that can be used. It is important to note that different people will have different types of skins. This means that a treatment option that works for another person may not work for you. It is recommended that you visit a dermatologist who will advise you on the best treatment for your stretch marks.


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