How to Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on the skin usually occur after drastic changes in weight and after pregnancy. Dermis is the middle layer of the skin, when this layer is stretched to the point where it loses its elasticity, stretch marks occurs. As the dermis continues to stretch, the outer layer (epidermis) also stretches until it becomes translucent, purple-colored scars are then formed on the skin. Natural skin fiber (collagen) and elastin gets disrupted due to the formation of stretch marks.

Hormonal change is the major cause of stretch marks. Cortisol is a glucocorticoid (a group of steroids) produced by the body due to many of reasons. Cortisol is produced when the body undergoes stress that leads to weight loss. Stress may be due to pregnancy, weightlifting, adolescent growth, excessive intake of caffeine and improper nutrition.

Both men and women can experience stretch marks, but it mostly occurs in women.

There are several ways to remove stretch marks, both naturally and medically. There are many different types of gels, creams and lotions available as a way of getting rid of stretch marks from the body. The creams contain some holistic ingredients that aid the skin to become more supple and flexible. There are also natural methods that have proven to be very effective in removing stretch marks. The natural methods are safe since you don’t use any unhealthy chemicals.

Below are the different ways you can use to remove stretch marks

Laser removal. This is a surgical method of removing stretch marks . A laser beam is used to get rid of the thin layers of skin that surrounds the stretch marks. A topical ointment has to be applied to the skin before it gets exposed to the laser beam.

Excimer laser treatment is used to remove stretch marks without burning or cutting the skin unlike the other methods. Here the skin tissue is disintegrated, this method is also known as ablation. Mostly 8 to 10 sitting are needed to complete the whole procedure. When this treatment is completed, the affected area is healed and a healthy skin grows on the place of stretch marks. However scarring and redness may be seen in the areas where the marks were treated.

Tummy tuck or surgical stretch mark removal. This is the most effective way of removing stretch marks caused by pregnancy or when there is an excess of abdominal skin. The stomach muscles are pulled together and the abdominal skin is pulled downward. However this method is very costly and costs between 3000 dollars to 8500 dollars.

Microdermabrasion. This is the process involves a pen-like device that emits crystals to the surface of the skin. The skin experiences a slight abrasion; this polishes all the impurities on the skin.

Natural ways of getting rid of stretch marks

Skin exfoliation. This is the removal of dead skin cells, this is done regularly to reduce stretch marks and also bring a new glow to your skin. You can use a loofah to daily exfoliate your skin. There are also some exfoliation creams that area easily available and can be used while taking your bath.

Hot baths and massages. Massage the stretched area of your skin and regularly take a hot bath. This will lead to increased blood circulation that causes faster skin healing and therefore the stretch marks reduce naturally. Cold liver oil and olive oil can be of great help in massaging and moisturizing the skin.

Vitamins E gel. There is a gel present in vitamin E capsules, this gel can be rubbed on the stretch marks daily. This reduces the steaks present on the skin. This gel should be applied in regular basis for a period of two weeks for the best results. It activates the healing process of damaged skin cells.

Glycolic acid and vitamin C mixture. 500mg vitamin C supplements are mixed with glycolic acid dose. This should be done three times a day to reduce the stretch marks.

Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera plant is full of vitamins, enzymes minerals and a unique plant collagen capable of penetrating the deep layers of the skin, repairing the damage and nourishing it. This gel can be bought from the drugstore or you can directly scoop it out from the plant. Pregnant women should apply this gel all through the pregnancy period to avoid formation of stretch marks.

Cocoa butter. Fat extracted from the cocoa beans has many benefits to the skin. It has powerful anti-oxidants that help in repairing the collagen fibers and the damaged elastin of the skin.

When cocoa butter is applied to the skin, it sinks into the deep skin layers; this repairs the damaged skin tissues. However this has to be done regularly for the best results.

Honey. Honey has beneficial properties that are useful in reducing stretch marks. Get a damp piece of cloth and place it on the stretched area, pour a little honey on it. When its almost dry, wash if off with a clean warm cloth.

You can also try a honey-glycerin scrub; it’s a mixture of glycerin, honey and salt. The mixture should be applied on the stretch marks, and then washed off after five minutes with clean water. Do this twice a day for best results.

Exercising. Rapid weight gain, rapid loosing of weight and obesity may lead to occurrence of stretch marks. Exercise and keeping yourself fit can greatly prevent occurrence of stretch marks. This is because regular exercise tones up your skin and makes it more firm. A toned skin is less prone to stretch marks.

A healthy diet is good for the skin; it helps the skin develop collagen fibers. The diet should include proteins, vitamins and high zinc content. Drink plenty of water, since water helps in body hydration and therefore skin elasticity is maintained. This reduces the chances of getting stretch marks.

Most of the aforementioned methods will cost money. Natural methods like use of creams and lotions are the cheapest ways of stretch marks removal. Other methods like surgery will cost you more; however they are more effective in stretch marks removal.

You can consult a doctor who will advice you on the best way to get rid of stretch marks.


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