Getting Rid of Stretch Marks: Fade Away Your Worries


Pregnancy and obesity are two most strenuous tests of our skin’s elastic powers. The skin, an exterior organ has the ability to stretch which puts a great deal of stress on the three layers- the dermis, the epidermis and the hypodermis. During pregnancy the effect reaches the deepest layer, which causes the collagen present in skin to breakdown. The frayed collagen thereafter is unable to provide elasticity to the skin leaving the surface looking rather crinkled and rough. Appearing usually on the abdomen,thigh ,calves, breasts and buttocks they can also be seen on upper arms and the back.

A distressing and often embarrassing situation for women who have undergone an inherently stressful period in their lives, stretch mark or ‘striae’ almost seem the last straw. However, stretch mark appaerance is not limited to pregnancies alone , in fact, teenagers on a grwth spurt during puberty or adoloscence, or people who gain and shed weight with frequency, also suffer the consequence of skin under going excessive bouts of stretching with almost similar results. Women are two and a half times more likely to get stretch marks than men .

Appearance And Early Arrest:

Beginning as a deep purple lesion, they are quiet in their arrival cusing very little or no overt skin discomfort. Soon these marks turn silvery and blend in a little better with the skin. It’s too late to work on them when they get more steeped into the skin. Finding a complete solution then, is difficult. Prevention therefore with a daily dose of vitamin E oil, that nourishes the skin and seeps into the dermal layers, can prevent the condition. Supplementing the collagen producing vitamin C in your diet would also ensure the same . But in case you missed the boat and are left with these rather disturbing and unsightly reminders of neglect, there is hope.

Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks:

Healthy Foods

Viamin C and K will ensure not only prevention of marks but also its treatment. Eat foods rich in zinc found in nuts and seeds and vitamin K that abounds in liver, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and dairy products. Foods that provide a boost to your skin’s regenerative ability and enhance skin elasticity are the best way to address the problem, keeping in mind that it may be a superficial condition but with deeper underpinnings.

Natural Treatments

Exfoliation is a proven method of helping skin to shed its dead cells by allowing better blood circualtion near the skin surface. Quite simply, a part of most skin regimes, the use of a loofah couldn’t have found a better time to help. A natural exfoliant found in apricots and walnut powder also may be used along with any skin softner to give the skin a gentle scrub . Done regularly, scrubbing is known to fade away lighter stretch marks.

Numerous skin friendly emollients and botanical extract based creams and lotions are proven to be highly effective in getting rid of stretch marks. Be it the more exclusive lavender oil or the basic cod liver and olive oil, the purpose of any massage basically remains the same- stiumulating blood circulation. Lavender oil used thrice a day is known for its beneficial effects. Massging the pulp of aloe vera leaf that has a beneficial enzyme, works wonders on broken and damaged skin by relieving the itch and soothing it like a salve.

Glycolic Acid and Retinol Treatment

Known to be a collagen booster this alphahydroxy acid can be used under medical supervision ( a concern for lactating mothers). It may be used under supervision of a dermatologist and could be taken in high doses at a clinic. Retinoid treatment is not recommended in case of pregnant women but is proven to be effective in generating elastin and collagen levels in the skin.

Deep Moisturising

Making the skin respond to massage makes it pliant and allows lesser wear or tear of its elastcity. Deep miosturisation three or four times a day disallows skin plasticity to set in, circulates the blood and improves the skin’s response to the strain of stretching.

Laser Treatment

Though expensive, laser treatment does show some visible improvement in removing the damaged and scarred cells. Therev are two common variations available- the vascular treatment and the fractionated treatment.

While exercise and healthy eating may address the issues more easily, a natural skin-friendly regime and information on preventive measures to contain the appearance of stretch marks, would help sustain the skin’s natural look. Stretch marks do fade away over time with patient care and skin nurturing.


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