Stretch Marks Removal – The Affordable Way

Stretch marks removal is a top concern for many men and women in today’s society due to the extreme importance we all attach to maintaining our personal appearances. Unfortunately, our image-obsessed culture does not easily tolerate those who are overweight and, therefore, the desire for unhealthy levels of weight loss can often facilitate the appearance of unsightly stretch marks showing up on the skin. Generally speaking, the expansive growth of the skin, usually near the stomach, waistline, or even the arms and legs can cause stretch marks to appear. Hormone changes can also facilitate the appearance of stretch marks as well primarily in teenagers experiencing the hormonal fluctuations which come with puberty. However, extreme weight gain, or weight loss, as well as pregnancy are the primary issues which contribute to the appearance of stretch marks in most adults. These stretch marks begin as purple streaks and then, over time, fade into pale colored lines in the skin which easily become dry, irritated, and itchy. Many assume that treatment for this widely experienced issue is beyond their grasp. Fortunately, with the expansion of online support groups dedicated to this issue, there is now a robust support network which has shared their secrets for cheap and safe methods to remove unsightly stretch marks.

Although there are currently an abundance of products and procedures on the market which promise to assist with stretch marks removal, they are usually far too expensive for the average consumer to afford. A basic online search for products and procedures to assist with the removal of stretch marks immediately brings up results for techniques that are extremely expensive. These techniques can include laser therapies as well as invasive abdominal surgeries which are both dangerous and costly. This begs the question, are there any methods on the market today to remove stretch marks that are safe, effective, and affordable?

Cheap and Effective Remedies for Stretch Marks Removal

Although many pharmaceutical companies will tell you otherwise, there are actually a variety of natural remedies that will assist with the removal of stretch marks or will at least cause them to fade drastically. Not only are these methods far less dangerous than the prevailing chemical solutions and surgical procedures, they are also far less expensive. In today’s economy, very few of us can devote the time and resources necessary to undergo costly procedures that may endanger our lives. Additionally, since most health insurance companies currently fail to recognize stretch marks as a legitimate medical concern, the chances that these procedures will ever be covered is quite remote. Fortunately, there are a multitude of home remedies and methods available today and discussed widely on online forums that promise some hope for removing, or at least minimizing the impact of stretch marks.

One such method that has enjoyed a lot of support online recently is to frequently massage the affected areas of your skin to enhance the overall circulation to the area. This increase in blood flow to your skin can, in many cases, improve its appearance and cause stretch mark to be far less noticeable. Another home remedy calls for the application of vitamins such as E and C to the areas of your body where you are experience stretch marks. Both of these vitamins have been noted promoting the production of collagen in the body. Additionally, these vitamins are available at nearly any supermarket and they are also extremely affordable. By applying these vitamins directly to your skin, much like the massage technique mentioned above, you can actually enhance the overall appearance of the skin the affected area and, therefore, make the stretch mark less noticeable. This technique is especially useful in the early stages of stretch mark appearance.

In addition to massaging and applying topical vitamins, many herbal treatments for removing stretch marks call for the application of such items as wheat germ oil, Gotu Kola, shea butter, rose oil, and castor oil. All of these items have been recommended by dermatologists for those of us who are unable to afford costly treatment chemicals or invasive surgical procedures. These items are readily available at any health food store or natural supermarket and enjoy the support of a growing online community of herbalists who swear by their healing effects. Another important consideration which dermatologists recommend is the generous application of sunscreen when and if your affected areas are ever exposed to direct sunlight. In many cases, exposing damaged skin to sunlight can cause further skin damage and cause your stretch marks to become more visible.

Unfortunately, one of the most effective methods for stretch marks removal actually has to be done prior to, and during, gaining or losing large amounts of weight. Using moisturizers daily has been proven in several clinical studies to drastically reduce the appearance and severity of stretch marks among pregnant women as well as those who undergo drastic diets to lose weight. Although it may be too late for those of us who already possess stretch marks, we can do the community and our friends and co-workers a huge favor by letting them in on this secret.

Stretch Marks Removal to Improve Self-Confidence

Those who suffer form unsightly stretch marks on their skin frequently experience a major decrease in self-confidence and are at risk for increased anxiety and symptoms of depression. For many women who are already undergoing significant health challenges after childbirth, or for individuals experiencing weight gain, this can present a serious and potentially lethal combination. Additionally, the desire to prevent others from seeing our areas affected by stretch marks can cause relationship problems and intimacy issues among adults. Stretch marks are therefore more than an issue of image, they can, in some cases, alter individual’s lives and severely impact self-confidence. Although there is currently no method other than painful, expensive surgical techniques for stretch marks removal, there are some promising home remedies being used daily that help diminish their appearance and the impact they have on our lives.

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  • Bridget Ahern says:

    Good suggestions! Vitamin E is a great option IMHO. Besides being effective on wrinkles, it has lots of antioxidants and helps prevent skin cancer. It’s one of the closest things we got to the fountain of youth.

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