Effective Removal of Stretch Marks during Pregnancy


If you’ve not experienced the dreaded stretch marks, then probably you’ve heard it discussed. Conversations centered on these unsightly and distasteful marks have been with us for the longest time. A woman would do almost anything to have the stretch marks gone for good. Their ears are perched up for any fresh news that could give them hope of a flawless skin. It’s no wonder laboratories are diligently working round the clock to provide an immutable solution. Stretch marks during pregnancy may perturb any woman wondering how to avoid and remove them.

Every woman anticipating pregnancy or is already pregnant dreads the thought of stretch marks appearing on their bodies. Other than the thighs, stretch marks can appear on the buttocks, belly and underarms. Stretch marks occur when the tissue under the skin grows faster than the skin itself causing it to tear and not to stretch. These unattractive marks affect countless pregnant women which will mostly appear in your abdomen, breasts, thighs and buttocks as well. Your genetic make up too could lead to the formation of these marks. If your parents or close relatives had them; most probably you’ll also get them.

There are various products over the counter that can be used to prevent the formation of these ugly marks. 75% of women will develop the marks during the 3rd trimester when the skin is subjected to high levels of stretching. The first step to preventing stretch marks is by looking after one’s health in a proper manner. Try as much as possible when pregnant to gain weight gradually rather than very fast due to improper feeding. Keeping hydrated at all times is a plus to an elastic skin.

A great tip to removing stretch marks is by identifying a product that is safe for use during pregnancy. Such a product should be able to have positive results without harming the baby. An excellent start is by using products whose ingredients are natural and can be applied at the onset of pregnancy. These ingredients assist with the creation and production of collagen in your skin to maintain its elasticity and softness. Especially look out for products that are approved by dermatologists. Stretch marks during pregnancy can be avoided by using products that contain clinically proven ingredients that will not harm your baby.

Don’t discontinue usage of stretch mark removers after giving birth. Get further advice from your doctor or mid-wife on getting an even stronger cream to get back that elastic skin you had before pregnancy. You can be among the many moms that enjoy pregnancy without experiencing the negative side effects of over stretched skin. With time stretch marks fade away, however with a little assistance you’ll get back your elastic skin. Some natural ingredients such aloe vera juice straight from the stem will gradually fade the scars. Another option could be exfoliating your skin by rubbing apricot pits on the affected skin. Availability of these natural plants is a challenge and furthermore their use could take several months before you start noticing any changes on your skin. This is why it would be a better option to buy a clinically proven natural product over the counter that could work in just a few weeks or months.


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