Remove Stretch Marks to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Despite the impact on my body, I maintain that having children has been one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences of my life. Unfortunately, along with the blessing of children, I was also given the curse of horrible stretch marks on my belly, chest, and my waist. With all of our modern technology, I wish someone would invent some magic ointment I could use or a pill that I could swallow to remove stretch marks.

Having lived most of my life in sunny Florida, I have a deep-seeded love for the beach and I enjoy soaking up some sun and splashing in waves year round. At least I used to. Now, with my unsightly stretch marks, I am too embarrassed to hit the beach in a bikini and I despise covering myself up with a one piece swimsuit since it makes me feel twice my age. Of course, I love all of my children dearly, but these stretch marks have taken a fairly severe toll on my self-esteem.

After doing some research online, I found literally hundreds of alleged remedies that promised to shrink or otherwise cure unsightly stretch marks overnight. From a recipe using coffee grounds, orange peels and peanut butter to a pill that promised instant results, the web is literally flooded with supposed cures. Fortunately, most women are not naïve enough to believe most of the hype associated with these products and home remedies that promise big results with a large price tag. However, after doing some experimentation, trying a few of these remedies for myself, and after talking to many other moms who, like me, just want to get these horrible marks removed, I actually discovered a few methods that provide real results.

How do I Remove Stretch Marks?

By just doing a basic online search for stretch mark removal, you will undoubtedly be flooded with results showing ads for products, various surgeries, and home remedies which all promise to provide results. Based on my experience, as well as the experience of many women I have spoken to, some of these treatments actually work. I have split them up into the three categories below in an effort to give you an idea of some of the options that are on the market today.

The first category of treatment options involves topical solutions, or ointments. Despite the wild claims of many companies who promise magical elixirs, some of these products actually do work and work well. Unfortunately, these are few and far between. Most of these “repair” ointments, provide little to no relief for your annoying “tiger stripes”. However, one solution in particular that is available over the counter, glycolic acid, has been proven to actually stimulate an increase in your body’s ability to produce collagen. Unlike many other topical solutions on the market, this one is safe to use during pregnancy and has shown no signs of causing birth defects. According to many studies, glycolic acid works best on newly formed stretch marks. Another solution that is showing promising results is called Retin-A. A recent study showed that Retin-A can help boost collagen levels and drastically improve the appearance of new stretch marks. Unfortunately, you will need to wait until after giving birth or nursing to use this product as it is too dangerous to risk injuring your unborn child or nursing baby.

The next category of options, laser treatment, is a bit more expensive and invasive than simply using topical ointments, but is known to provide positive results in a majority of cases. Currently, two major types of laser treatment are widely available for stretch mark removal. The first type, vascular laser therapy, works best on stretch marks in their early stages of formation. However, since three to five sessions at an average of $500 a session may be required, this is a fairly time consuming and expensive endeavor. The second type of laser treatment, known as laser resurfacing, has demonstrated positive results on removing the older, and more difficult to get rid of stretch marks. Unfortunately, this treatment is also quite expensive requiring multiple treatments of up to a thousand dollars per session.

Another category of stretch mark treatment, and perhaps the most drastic, is the surgical option. In my opinion, you should also resort to this approach if you have had no positive results when using either the topical solutions or laser treatment. One of the most common surgical options is widely known, at least in the United States, as a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck is a clever name thought up for a surgical procedure which removes the stretched out skin primarily in your abdominal region. Although this might sound like a great final resort, please realize that you must be prepared to pay anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars for this procedure in most major cities with a reputable doctor. Also, be prepared for a lengthy recovery! Although I have not personally experienced this, a good friend of mine told me she was in recovery for nearly six months.

Try the Least Invasive Method to Remove Stretch Marks First

No matter which method you choose or even if you decide to try a combination of methods to remove stretch marks, understand that you are not alone. Nearly 90% of all women who give birth experience some form of stretch marking on their bodies. With a variety of options to choose from ranging from the use of topical ointments to laser therapy and even surgery, there is no need to live in fear of wearing a bikini to the beach. As with nearly anything related to your health and well-being, it is most important that you take your time, do the necessary research, and discuss the issue with a licensed medical professional. With new products coming on to the market each and every day, maybe someday we will have that magic pill to swallow and watch our stretch marks melt away over night.

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  • Pretty Poison says:

    I opted to get laser treatment for my stretch marks a few years ago after I lost a lot of weight one summer. I also used some cream treatments with some success. I don’t regret it! I really do feel more confident and positive about myself, especially in the summer. I appreciate all the helpful articles on this website.

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