Are Creams Effective In Treating Stretch Marks


When you think of stretch marks, you usually think of pregnant bellies, but these scars can also occur on other body parts. In this article you will find out what exactly stretch marks are, what you can do about it and whether or not it really is worth it to buy expensive creams to treat these scars of the skin.

Pregnancy stretch marksWhen it comes to stretch marks, pregnancy stretch marks are the most familiar type. Almost every pregnant woman is anxiously keeping an eye on her ever increasing belly, afraid to be suddenly confronted with a pattern of purple or red lines. Yet long stretch marks do not only occur in pregnant women.

For example, even teenage girls can suffer from them. A stretch mark is a type of scar that occurs when the body expands and the skin can not keep up. That explains why they occur in a pregnancy, but also may arise in a growth spurt or in developing females. Youngsters will often discover them on their thighs, back or breasts.

Because the skin can not follow the changes of the body, there is a break in the skin at the level of the connective tissue, with a purple-red line on the skin as a result.

It are not just women who can have stretch marks, men can also get them sometimes, after a growth spurt or due to heavy training because their skin can not widen quickly enough when their arm muscles grow. It is suspected that our hormones play a role in the development of stretch marks. Both pregnancy and puberty actually create a change in our hormones, and men who want to increase their muscle mass therefore often rely on steroids.

A change in your hormones would thus cause your skin to be sensitive to the appearance of stretch marks. Even your genes are thought to play a major role in the development of such scars, because some people are simply more prone to having them than others.

stretch marksAlthough stretch marks occur relatively frequently and are very normal, they can be quite a pain for those that suffer from them. They may also be quite visible. Stretch marks are usually no wider than an inch, but they can be long: in some people they grow to several tens of inches.

But however impressive they may look, they are never dangerous. In the beginning, they can be a little annoying. If they are still red, there’s actually been a kind of inflammatory response, which can sometimes cause some tenderness or itching. But apart from that, they bear no health risk.

The good news is that these marks become less noticeable over the course of time. Their initial purple-red color naturally fades to white or beige. How long that process takes, is admittedly impossible to predict. For one it is a matter of a few months, while for other it can sometimes take years before the color finally fades, which takes such patience not everyone can exercise.

This fact is indeed something that has not been ignored by the manufacturers of beauty products. On the market these days, you can find a whole range of promising stretch marks creams and oils. For the prevention stretch marks, a cream can certainly be useful. It mostly comes down to keeping your skin hydrated, because in dry skin minor fractures will occur much easier.

applying stretch marks creamYou can compare it with parchment that breaks. Therefore, it is definitely recommended to apply creams to those body parts that are prone to stretch marks, such as your stomach, buttocks and breasts.

Keep in mind that you will never completely be protected against these scars, even if you religiously apply cream every day.Eventually, factors such as your hormones and your genes play a role as well.

Products that are supposed to treat the scars will unfortunately rarely perform the miracles they promise to perform. Until now, there is still no product on the market that can completely remove stretch marks. Nonetheless, a cream can ensure that the discoloration disappears faster and that the lines will be blurred out.

If you want to treat these scars , then a cream based on vitamin A acid or silicone can give you the best results. One should always be careful with creams based on vitamin A acid however. During pregnancy, you should not use them for example, and in addition it can cause some skin types to just dry out and become irritated, which will in fact be counterproductive.

A trick that is also sometimes recommended to camouflage these lines, is to let your skin get tanned, but most dermatologists do not recommend this. As long as you have stretch marks that are purple or red, there is even the risk Laser Treatment for Stretch Marksof hyperpigmentation, which can cause brown stains around your stretch marks, but these stains will hardly fade over time.

Even if your lines will now become white, a brown tint will not always help the desired effect. The white line will never get the same tan as the rest of your skin, so that the contrast will only be bigger.

In addition to creams there are now many treatments that have been developed that try to address these marks, such as microdermabrasion and laser techniques. Such treatments focus on stimulating collagen production, to ensure maximum firmness and elasticity of your skin.

These techniques may provide a slight improvement when it comes to stretch marks, but still keep in mind that this improvement is limited. The more expensive the treatment is, the higher the expectations of people often are, but always keep in mind that stretch marks will never completely disappear.


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