Best Treatment for Stretch Marks


stretch marksStretch mark is one of the common skin problems heard by dermatologists. This skin trouble can happen due to several factors like puberty, rapid weight gain and pregnancy. Usually, stretch marks are commonly seen on body parts like hips, thighs and abdomen. At present, there are lots of products available online boasting stretch mark cure feature. Following are the best treatment for stretch marks recommended by health experts.

Using moisturizer is one of the recommended best treatment for remove stretch marks from body. Best moisturizer improves skin appearance and enhances skin elasticity naturally. For new stretch marks, it is recommended to use moisturizer as lotion instead of cream. Some of the best recommended natural remedies to treat stretch marks on skin include aloe vera gel, olive oil and wheat germ oil. Retin-A or retinoic acid cream is found to be very beneficial to cure stretch marks on skin. Today, retinoic acid cream products are easily available at online stores. Regular use of retinoid acid cream improves skin elasticity and boost collagen production naturally. Studies say that retinoic acid cream is more effective on old stretch marks than new one. While using retinoic acid cream, it is recommended to limit sun exposure.

best treatment for stretch marksSimilar to retinoic acid cream, use of glycolic acid is another best recommended treatment to cure stretch marks. It enhances collagen production and improves the elasticity of skin. Today, glycolic acid is a common ingredient added for the preparation of skin peels. This remedy is found to be very beneficial to cure pregnancy related stretch marks. For best result, it is recommended to apply a combination of glycolic acid and retinoid acid cream.

Vitamin E oil is another best recommended cure to treat stretch marks on body. To get satisfactory result, it is recommended to apply vitamin E oil in combination with a carrier lotion. As per studies, vitamin C is found to be very good for treating stretch marks. Dermatologist suggests their patients to intake at least 500 mg of vitamin C per day. Laser treatment is one of the advanced cures recommended to remove stretch marks on skin surface. Compared to other stretch removal treatments, laser treatment is a little expensive. It may have three to six treatment sessions which cost around $450 each.

best treatment for stretch marksStudies say that vascular laser treatment may not cause reliable effect on women with darker skin. Similar to vascular laser treatment, fractional laser treatment is another best cure to treat stretch marks. Each session of fractional laser treatment may cost around $1000. Main drawbacks of fractional laser treatment include scarring and hyper pigmentation. Massaging with natural oil is another best cure to treat stretch marks. Lack of side effect is one of the main advantages of using essential oil. Natural oils can be applied on skin surface either directly or with carrier oil. Some of the best recommended essential oils to reduce stretch marks on skin surface include lavender, geranium, rose and helichrysum. To get best result, do body massaging with natural oils thirty minutes before body bath.


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