Excellent Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch marks are formed on the skin due to stretching of skin suddenly or scarring, In general, these marks look off-color in human beings. The general reasons for stretch marks among human beings are skin tearing. These marks may disappear but not on the whole as the person may have the marks in a less form after a period of times. Most often these marks are seen in pregnant woman, obese people and puberty stages. These marks look red in color at the beginning of the stage but fade away after some period of time. The stretch marks are elongated and thin.

Many people have these stretch marks on the skin, particularly on buttock, breast areas, hip areas, thigh areas and abdomen region. The marks are seen on these areas in a significant way and people love to remove these marks in a lot of ways. Various stretch marks treatments are available in this era to meet the needs and expectations of the affected person. The application of creams or ointments, laser treatments, skin abrasion technique, herbal treatments, and other dermatological treatments are effective for these stretch marks. However, the earlier stages of stretch marks are easily treated when compared to the advanced stages of the marks. So, it is advisable to treat the marks at the earlier stages instead of leaving it without treated.

Some researchers say that moisturizer treatment is better when given for three or four times on a skin surface. The moisturizer products that have cocoa butter are best for these marks. These products are applied on the affected region in a massage form so that the desired results are seen quickly. In case some people might have fear of using chemicals on the affected region when they apply moisturizer and so these people can make use of stretch marks removers that are made in the natural ways like aloe vera, wheat germ oil etc.

The use of good creams those are rich in Retin-A are good in removing these stretch marks in a desirable way. Care should be taken for pregnant ladies who want to use these creams on the affected areas to avoid some mishaps. The creams when applied work to the inner parts of the skin to make the stretch marks getting diminished. The words of a dermatologist are good when using these creams on the affected area and it is not good to use the creams without consultation. Also, consuming juices rich vitamin C is found effective against these stretch marks. The vitamin c is an excellent source of stretch remove. Daily intake of vitamin C is good to treat these scratch marks and hence the fruits that are rich in this vitamin are good. Also, the affected person may for Vitamin C supplements if possible. The results are obvious on using these supplements. Also, the food that is rich in vitamin E and Zinc is also good for these stretch marks issue.

The laser treatment methods are highly effective against these stretch marks. The main advantage of these methods is new collagen formation. The skin cell production is obtained due to the laser treatment. According the skin doctors’ suggestion the laser treatment is found to be effective against these marks. An affected individual can get massive recovery measures due to the laser treatments, however varies from a person to another. One sitting is not at all enough to get good expected results as it needs at least three to four sittings. Vascular laser treatments are also effective for these stretch marks and hence the person can try these if they are ready to spend. The frequency of getting this treatment is decided by the specialist based on the intensity of the marks.

Asides treatment methods, healthy weight is an excellent treatment for stretch marks issue because overweight makes the skin tearing. Healthy balanced diet is exceptional to this issue and regular exercises too. If the person is good at exercises and diet a lot of advantages are obtained without any stretch marks. An overweight person should put steps to remove the excess weight so that he can escape from stretch marks. Regular skin care measures are important to avoid stretch marks on the skin. Skin massaging on a routine basis is effective and excellent for a person. The person should be good enough during pregnancy period to meet the demand of stretch mark free skin.

Some people may opt for surgery measure for the stretch marks. However, the major surgeries are not recommended for this problem as the person might get some side effects in the later part of the life. Some women go for liposuction and breast lift to get rid of stretch marks. However, cosmetic procedures are found suitable to this process to some extent.

The home remedies are good at stretch marks treatment and this treatment is being used by many people successfully. The main ingredient used in this treatment is baby oil, lemon juice, bio oil, brown sugar, coconut oil etc. These natural products are found good to remove the stretch marks quickly. The other one is applying coconut oil on the affected area on a continuous basis to get good results. The coconut oil has good effect on these marks. A correct combination of above products found effective in eradicating the stretch marks without any side effects. The person who uses the natural methods should have good hand of experience to add the above mixture in right proportion to avoid the stretch marks on the skin. Even application of grapeseed oil is found effective for these marks and the person has to scrub little on the affected region of the skin to remove the dead cells.

On considering the above stretch marks treatment it is obvious that these marks are not permanent on the skin if proper treatment methods are taken. Also, it is essential to take care of the skin on a regular basis to avoid these stretch marks issue to a greater extent. Indeed, early prevention is best for all.


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