The Top Five Stretch Mark Remedies


Lately, stretch marks have become popular occurrence in both male and female, young and old. Sudden weight gain is one of the causes of stretch marks. These marks are usually purple or red in color and as they age they fade to silver or white. With the fact that most people suffer from these linear scars, many stretch marks remedies have been discovered. Some are natural while others are artificial. However, natural stretch mark remedies are the way to go because they are affordable and have no side effects. This makes home remedies popular. The following are some of the common and effective natural stretch mark remedies that will prevent and treat stretch marks.

Dieting is the first remedy for stretch marks. This is one of the simplest home remedies you can use to treat your stretch marks. Dieting involves eating nutritional and healthy foods and ensuring that your body is properly hydrated. When you have a healthy body, your skin also becomes healthier which makes it resistant to stretch mark scarring. Additionally, it makes skin repair more efficient. There are certain foods that you should include in your diet so as to have strong skin which include; products from vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains.

Another effective home remedy for stretch marks is taking mineral and vitamin supplements. This is because the skin requires nutrients, minerals and vitamins for it to stay supple, flexible and healthy. These vitamins include vitamin A, E, C, D and K in addition to mineral zinc. If you make it a habit of taking a nutrient, mineral and vitamin supplement daily, your body becomes more equipped with essential ingredients that are crucial in the skin’s healing and defense.

Exercising daily is another very effective stretch mark remedy. For stretch marks, it is advisable to carry out stretching exercises. This is because stretching exercises tend to break the scar tissues that make up the stretch marks. In addition to that, these exercises tend to increase one’s blood flow and circulation, which means that the nutrients’ delivery to the skin is improved. Furthermore, it improves the skin’s elasticity. You can also get massage therapy treatments which works the same way as exercising.

Exfoliation techniques is also part of the home stretch mark remedies. This remedy involves removing dead skin cells and scar tissue by removing the surface skin’s upper thin layer. Exfoliating requires one to use a cleanser that contains exfoliating ingredients like alpha hydroxyl acid, tea tree oil or baking soda or oatmeal which are mildly abrasive. Also ensure your applicator is mildly abrasive.

Lastly using creams is another stretch mark remedy. It should be noted that the creams and lotions used are natural. These creams tend to either remove the scars or reduce visibility. The most popular creams are cocoa butter, aloe Vera, coconut oil and almond oil. You can mix these creams for better results.

In conclusion, the above mentioned stretch mark remedies are the most popular and effective. Lastly, it is highly recommended that you treat these scars once they appear because they are easier to remove when new than old.


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