Do Stetch Mark Creams Work On Existing Scars?


Do you suffer from stretch marks? No woman who develops stretch marks is happy about it. But for some women the sight of stretch marks is so upsetting it throws them into a personal crisis. There have been reports of women who have become anorexic, started the practice of self-harming and even turned to chemicals such as drugs and alcohol to mask their feelings of self loathing.

stretch marksWhile those are extreme cases, the point is clear: No one wants to have stretch marks. But what causes stretch marks and is there a simple way to get rid of them?

Stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain. They appear when an individual gains a fairly large amount of weight in a relatively short period of time. The most common time for them to appear are either during pregnancy or puberty.

Close to 90% of all women who give birth can expect to develop some type of stretch marks during their pregnancy, most commonly during the seventh, eighth and ninth months. The sudden extra weight stretches the skin to its maximum elasticity and small tears occur.

In individuals with light colored skin these little tears appear as red lines. In time the redness goes away and the lines turn white. The most common place for stretch marks is around the abdomen but they are also common around the breasts, hips and thighs. Sadly, some individuals who are heavy while young can even develop them along their arms, legs and shoulders.

Many women who learn they are pregnant immediately take steps to avoid stretch marks from developing. Some regularly massage their skin with cocoa butter, wheat germ oil or olive oil. A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables lessens their chance of stretch marks. Also, drinking several glasses of water each day is a way they hydrate their skin and improve its elasticity.

Consult DoctorWhen stretch marks do appear, how do you get rid of them? Of course you should talk to your doctor. She will probably describe different medical procedures such as dermabrasion treatments or laser therapy.

These treatments, however, are quite expensive and often the same results can be gained using simple home remedies.

For instance, stretch mark creams are one of the most popular ways to help them go away. What goes into these creams and do they really work?

First off, creams may not work for everyone. Women who have had twins or who have gained an abnormal amount of weight during pregnancy may develop scars so deep they don’t respond to creams. Also, if you have a female relative, especially your mother or sister, who developed stretch marks that wouldn’t go away, stretch mark creams may not work for you, either.

The type of cream you choose will depend on a number of factors. You must consider your complexion, your age and how long you have had the stretch marks. Each individual has specific needs and different creams will provide different results. Generally, however, a high quality stretch mark cream will give really help.

What Ingredients Go Into Stretch Mark Creams?

 Stretch Mark CreamsIt is important you first out check the ingredients in any cream before using it. A good cream will be filled with moisturizers, such as cocoa butter, and vitamins, such as Vitamins E & D.

You should also expect to find ingredients for exfoliating, such as glycolic acid. While checking make sure the cream you are considering doesn’t contain anything you are allergic to.

Get Advice From Your Doctor

It is also a good idea to get a recommendation from your obstetrician and/or dermatologist. Ask them what has worked well for other patients. Since these medical professionals work with this problem day in and day out they are a tremendous resource.

Get Recommendations From Other Friends and Relatives

Recommendations From from FriendsAsk your friends or relatives about stretch mark creams that have worked for them. They can tell you about creams that worked and creams that didn’t. Join online pregnancy forums. These are a great place to talk to other women who are dealing with the same problems you are dealing with.

Always check with family members first since there’s a good chance what worked for them will work for you. This is because you may have inherited the same skin type and developed similar stretch marks as your relatives.

No one wants to develop stretch marks. Women are particularly sensitive to any type of scars on their bodies. Sadly, stretch marks often to go hand-in-hand with pregnancy. For some women these marks are not only difficult to avoid, they are even harder to get rid of.

The good news is there are natural stretch mark creams designed to help your body get rid of these unwelcome scars. These creams are safe, can be used at home and yes, they really do work!


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