Effective Stretch Mark Home Remedy


Stretch marks appearance can be frustrating to many people. Stretch marks can appear after excessive weight gain and loss or after giving birth. A stretch mark home remedy comes in handy for those avoiding troubling injection therapy techniques. Below are stretch marks home remedies to help you remove stretch marks easily.

Aloe Vera treatment

Rubbing aloe Vera on your stretch marks will provide natural treatment. Select pure aloe Vera gel that has no fragrance or dyes. Irritation might occur in case of additional components.

Aloe Vera can be mixed with olive oil. Take half a cup of olive oil and one quarter cup of aloe Vera gel and mix with vitamin E. Apply this paste on your breasts, hips or abdomen. This mixture can be used to prevent stretch marks appearance during pregnancy.

A mixture of coffee grinds and aloe Vera gives the best results. You simply mix both to make a fine paste. Then massage the paste on areas affected by stretch marks. Leave the paste on the skin for approximately 20 to 30 minutes and rinse using warm water. This stretch mark remedy produces remarkable results!

Coconut butter and other oils

Coconut better works effectively in treating stretch marks. It moisturizes your skin and penetrate beyond the epidermis unto the dermis, hence treating deeper stretch marks. Gently rub cocoa on areas affected by stretch marks three times a day.

When massaging, apply circulation motion and pressure for about 2 to 3 minutes. Massage enhances circulation so that nutrients and blood can get to the stretch marks easily, therefore heal quickly. Massage also destroys scar tissue that generates the marks.

Lavender oil is also essential for stretch marks treatment. Apply it directly for a few times to get best results. Lavender oil can also be mixed with chamomile oil or sweet almond or jojoba oil. Apply it on the affected areas while gently massaging. The relaxing fragrance is an amazing benefit to this stretch mark home remedy. Massaging your skin using primrose or olive oil for about 15 minutes each day can help fade stretch mark and tighten your skin.

Use vitamin E capsules powder and rub it on your stretch marks. Vitamin E is vital for skin care and enhances skin elasticity. Use regularly for best results.

Balanced diet

Ensure you consume nutritious meals. Lovely skin begins from inside your body. Skin cannot be able to restore and maintain itself well without proper nutrients. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You can supplement your diet using multivitamins. Ensure you consume tomatoes, liver, lots of zinc and dairy foodstuffs as they are efficient in eliminating stretch marks.

Make sure you intake adequate water as it helps in maintain a soft and supple skin. Water is very essential in treating stretch marks. It is easy for a hydrated skin to regain its normal shape without necessary leaving stretch marks. Avoid too much tea and coffee as they may dehydrate your body. Excess sun exposure is also not recommended.


According to professionals, physical activities are the best means of stretch mark removal. Regular exercise assists to firm up the muscles and smooth your skin naturally.


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