Remedies For Stretch Marks and Your Expectations

In today’s fast paced world, most of us find ourselves setting unrealistic expectations in our lives to the point where we expect to have nearly every request immediately filled. When we don’t get what we want immediately, we get frustrated and lash out at our friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones. In this climate of extremely high consumer demand, businesses can sink or swim based on the online reviews of their products by a demanding and well-connected network of online consumers. When my wife, who recently gave birth to our daughter, began searching online for remedies for stretch marks, she also encountered this disgruntled group of online consumers who were setting unrealistic expectations for products and, ultimately, for themselves. These disgruntled men and women were looking for immediate satisfaction for an understandably difficult issue for which there is no “cure” to be found on the market today.

My wife is a self-confessed health-nut, vegetarian, and an avid marathon runner. After she gave birth to our daughter, she was back in top shape in nearly no time. She routinely runs five miles before I have my first morning cup of coffee. I practically had to tie her down after she delivered the baby because she was so eager to get back in shape that she nearly hurt herself in the process. Despite being in great shape now, some areas of her body are still plagued with stretch marks and it was starting to make her increasingly unhappy until she realized that her expectations were not realistic. After trying nearly every fad lotion on the market, she finally had to face the simple truth that you can not entirely remove stretch marks without surgery. It truly is that simple despite the wild claims of many of these online companies promising to sell the “next big thing” in stretch mark removal. They were definitely guilty of setting unrealistic expectations for their consumers to the point where they were disappointing a lot of people who just wanted these unsightly legions in their skin to disappear forever.

We read through the reviews of most of the major stretch mark removal products and, to our surprise, most consumers were expecting overnight, magical healing properties to be present in these lotions, moisturizers, pills and creams. When the product didn’t provide these magical results, these consumers blasted the product in online forums and posted angry, hateful messages. Many demanded their money back, others said they had been cheated and were going to sue, and still others threatened the product designers with bodily harm. We had a good laugh.

Simple Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Again, please don’t shoot the messenger but I’m going to reiterate the secret mentioned above that the majority of on-line health companies aren’t willing to talk about. Short of surgery, there is actually very little you can do to entirely remove your stretch marks. Don’t expect magical results from these products who promise to remove your stretch marks overnight. It just isn’t realistic because science has not advanced far enough at this time to make this happen for you.

Despite no product on the market today being able to entirely remove stretch marks, there are a ton of simple, affordable home remedies that can drastically reduce the appearance of your marks. My wife tried quite a few of these and experienced some good results with the fading of her stretch marks. Again, none of these will remove them entirely.

Rubbing vitamin E oil over the affected areas helped her a lot with toning up the area and made the marks fade a bit. We found vitamin E oil at a local health food store for an extremely reasonable price and my wife applied it religiously day and night over the span of three months. Beware though; it is very sticky and hard to wash off. I’d recommend a light coat at first or applying it with gloves.

In conjunction with the vitamin E oil, my wife also found a lotion containing cocoa butter extract which she used multiple times a day to supplement the effects of the vitamin e oil. Again, this combination helped her stretch marks fade and definitely toned up her abdomen and hips but did not remove the marks entirely.

Another home remedy that helped a lot was applying some spray-based sunless tanning lotion a couple of times a week. While it really does nothing to actually decrease the size of the stretch marks, it makes them far less noticeable. I’d recommend you find a color that complements your skin tone though. The first one she purchased gave her an orange stomach and hips.

One of the more recent remedies that she tried was a body wrap. A local spa offered body wraps at an affordable price so she decided to give it a try. A body wrap helps infuse the skin with essential vitamins and nutrients and can, in some cases, help tone up the skin.

Keep Your Expectations in Check for Remedies for Stretch Marks

As with anything else in this fast-paced world we live in, you must always keep your expectations realistic especially when dealing with products that promise mystical, overnight results. My mother used to tell me, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. It turns out she was entirely right.

My wife eventually came to terms with the fact that she will never be able to entirely get her stretch marks removed without surgery which we can’t afford right now due to living on one income. She tells me now that she has embraced her “battle scars”, as she calls them, because they remind her of what she went through to bring our daughter into the world. Eventually, my wife’s home remedies for stretch marks caused them to shrink up so much that they are now barely noticeable. Life is good. Keep your expectations realistic when you are looking for miracle cures online.

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